Plane Makes Emergency Landing Near Strawberry


A private plane was forced to make a hard landing west of Pine last Saturday when the aircraft suffered some sort of mechanical failure.

Kenneth Owens, 39, of Payson made a forced landing with his single engine Cessna-type aircraft on Oct. 6 at about 3:51 p.m. in the Twin Buttes area about seven miles west of Pine, off of Hardscrabble Road.

"After losing power for an unknown reason, Owens attempted to find a place to land, and after trying to turn and find a flat, open spot where he could land safely, he was forced to make the hard landing," Adam Shepherd, undersheriff for the Gila County Sheriff's Department said.

Owens had his Queensland Heeler dog with him at the time he made the emergency landing near Twin Buttes. Owens told officers on the scene that he lost power in the aircraft for reasons unknown to him, Shepherd said.

Neither Owens, nor his dog, suffered any injuries from the emergency landing and required no medical attention.

"We have concluded our investigation," Shepherd said. "Any further investigation into the cause of the landing will be by NTSB."

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