Shelter Needs Food, Toys, Blankets


At Payson Humane Society a frequently asked question is: "How can I help?"

What we need help with right now is food, blankets and toys. After such a busy summer, we are running quite low on all these things.

FOOD: The best way to donate this is with gift cards from any of the local merchants who sell pet food. That way we don't worry about mice or bugs getting in it, and we can get whatever we are needing. But if you would rather make the purchase yourself, we need all kinds of DRY food -- dog, cat, puppy and kitten.

TOYS, COLLARS, LEASHES: We need any kind of pet toys for dogs and cats. We also need leashes and collars. Often when a dog is adopted, a collar and leash go home with them, and we are running low.

BLANKETS: The nights and mornings are getting quite cool, and we try to provide blankets for our animals to sleep on.

Another thing that is always appreciated is volunteers. We need folks who love animals to help in many different capacities. If you think you're ready to volunteer at the animal shelter, call 474-5590 and ask for Ellie.

As always, the number one, best way to help Payson Humane Society is to be a responsible pet owner. If your pet goes missing and ends up at the shelter, please come as soon as possible to pick it up. And please spay and neuter to help keep the population under control.

If you would like to learn more about us, call (928) 474-5590 or look us up on the Web at or or -- or just stop by and see us at 812 S. McLane Road.




Dallas is a dashing, 1-year-old, neutered male Shepherd/Shar Pei mix. His beautiful coat glows golden orange and is easy maintenance. He has a wonderful, happy tail. This bright-eyed boy is a wonderful walking partner. He never pulls the leash, and he minds well. He is at a good age to begin home schooling to be the kind of dog you want him to be. He is intelligent, alert and willing to learn, especially if you reward him for good behavior with treats.


Hooch is a great-looking, neutered, 11-month-old Shepherd/Shar Pei mix. His owners donated him to the shelter because they could no longer care for him. He is good with children, and is housebroken. He has a gentle face with beautiful, brown eyes that just long for someone to take him home and keep him forever. He is tan in color and has a short coat that requires little grooming. Hooch needs a yard with a fence that he can't dig out of, and he will require exercise to keep him in top shape. Hooch would be a great walking or hiking companion. Please come and meet him; he is really a nice, lovable guy.




Maxx is a steadfast, 8-year-old, neutered male Lab/Chow mix. He's a big guy, but he has a calm, easy going temperament. He has become a favorite among staff and volunteers at our shelter, getting spoiled with treats and lots of walks on leash. He handles beautifully, knows how to sit, and is such a good boy. He would make a wonderful companion for a moderately active senior family because he is content just being around his people, yet he loves being playful and going out for walks. Maxx has a high opinion of himself and does not tolerate being tied up or annoyed by pesky dogs. He would love to be a pampered, only child!






Lucky is a 2-year-old, spayed female Shar Pei/Lab mix. She has a medium-length, yellow-colored coat. Lucky was owner-donated to our shelter because her owner could no longer care for her. She is quite bashful and will need some special love and attention to help her overcome some of her reservations. She needs to have a caring, yet assertive companion who is home to care for her and work with her on commands and leash training. Please come and take a look at her, she could sure use a special home.


Handsome is 1-year-old, neutered male Shepherd/Retriever mix. He has a short, tan coat that will require some brushing. Handsome is very energetic and needs lots of exercise to keep him from getting bored. Come and see him at the shelter; he may be the right dog for you.



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