County Can Fund Jail, Courthouse Without Tax Increase



Think with me for a minute -- does the county really have to increase our sales taxes to fund construction of needed new jail and courthouse facilities? A Wall Street Journal column on Oct. 5 prompted me finally to speak out to you fellow voters; "After years of waste ... voters aren't buying ...polling consistently finds that voters believe about 49 cents of every dollar spent is wasted. So this widespread aversion to the way government mishandles money may be the best shield against tax hikes -- at all levels of government. " "Voters' biggest economic concern is whether they will have enough money to meet their own needs, says Sen. Kyl." Personally, my absolute sincere belief is that Gila County can fund the projects in Payson and Globe, via trimming the county's operating budget, plus assertively reaching out to the private sector, as ASV has done on more than $1 billion worth of facilities! Also, there are better uses of the Main Street/ Highway 87 site, which do not require taking of private property through ‘police power,' risking failure to plan for expansion, risking forfeiture of any amount of the good work and money invested in Main Street and Payson's image. The bond issue must fail.

Dick Reese

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