County Should Not Dictate Jail, Courthouse Location



I can't believe the arrogance of the County Board of Supervisors and the County manager. Granted, the property at the corner of the Beeline and Main Street is owned by the county. However, Payson grew up around that location and who are they to simply dictate to our town what the county will do with that property? One would think that the residents of the Town of Payson, along with the Town Council, would be consulted on the best use of that property. Certainly, if the jail and courthouse must be built anew, there is an opportunity to relocate it to a more appropriate site. A well-planned commercial "gateway" would be far more effective in helping commerce on Main Street than any kind of a jail, no matter how well you disguise it. Frankly, the Main Street merchants have been taken in by Aunt Tommie's propaganda!

If the county would only have the common decency to listen, they we wouldn't have this issue. Instead, the county prefers to dictate to us and usurp Payson's right to decide what gets built in the middle of our town.

Furthermore, Aunt Tommie has had the unmitigated gall to threaten us over taxes. She has stated repeatedly that if the sales tax does not pass, then they will increase our property taxes instead, with no vote! How is it that a County Supervisor can threaten her own constituents and expect to be re-elected?

These people need a comeuppance. Vote "No" on both the sales tax and the bond issue on Nov. 6.

Coleen Hildebrand

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