No More White Elephants Needed



Has the Payson Town Council made a study or analysis of other similar rural communities in the 15,000-20,000 population bracket, which might have a YMCA. If so, did any of these communities sponsor or finance any of them? If they did, was it by donating land, a tax break, or with any type of financial support? I believe that any of the above would be a big mistake.

This venture is just the same as any other business. There is the possibility of financial failure, that would end up like the batting range on north 87. Except in this case, the town had no financial interest. The old saying is -- it's good for the kids, it will keep them out of trouble. If so, the batting range failed, and put some investors deep in debt, and left the town with one big white elephant. We don't need another one. I hope the town council thoroughly investigates all aspects of this. I don't believe we have the population to support such a venture.

We sure don't want to see our town council pull a stunt like Gila County did with the Main Street jail. It seems to me there was also a mini-golf course on 260, that turned into the town's weed patch. Again it was something for the kids that failed. Please investigate before investing in another questionable venture. This one could cost the taxpayers. We don't need another white elephant in town.

Ed Welge

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