Study Aims To Improve Business-Town Relations

Interim town manager to review study with Payson department managers


The relationship between local businesses and their town department counterparts is on its way to running smoother.

Thanks to the work of Barbara Ganz, PREDC director, who said she spent much time over the last few months "listening," local businesses and town departments should be able to work together for more production and progress.

As chair of the mayor's Tourism and Economic Development Task Force, Ganz corralled complaints and ideas from business representatives from about 50 local businesses.

The resulting summary was presented Monday to Interim Town Manager Debra Galbraith, who will discuss the finer points with her department heads.

Ganz said the need for improved customer service and the development of client relationships were the major issues brought up by business representatives.

"(Galbraith) will work with department heads to look at concerns and issues we brought forward to see if they can improve things," she said. "The study was done so businesses feel good about going to (the town) with projects."

Galbraith said the study is useful. She plans to review town code to determine if anything can be done better.

"We'll look at the procedures and processes in place with the town code," she said. "(The study) was very insightful. They had some good points."

Ganz said the whole purpose of the study, which was the first of its kind, was to establish better relations between the business community and the town.

The study was not aimed at a certain town department, she said.

Ganz said when businesses work within the town, nearly every department is involved, including, but not limited to, community development, engineering, the fire department and planning and zoning.

The study was conducted in the last several months and involved nearly 50 businesses from "wide-ranging" fields, Ganz said.

The town will return by January with a response and reaction to the study, Galbraith said.

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