Break-In Costly To Elks



I would like to address this to the person or persons unknown who burglarized the Elks Lodge last Sunday, but am not aware of your identities:

Hopefully, the amount of money you stole wasn't worth the effort. However, the cost to the Lodge is considerable, and includes:

Replacement of the glass panel you destroyed to get in; extensive repairs to the brand new inner door, which was contributed to the Lodge by two terrific volunteers; replacement of the panic bar, locks, and electrical connections for the door; and replacement of the safe that you stole. Plus the cash and checks from the Sunday bingo session.

Hopefully, you didn't realize that the money you stole would have gone to scholarships for local area students, for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner, and to the Children's Shopping Spree and Christmas Party, and other charitable uses.

Your community is just really proud of you.

Mikey Kerns

An Elks Volunteer

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