Fall Hunts In Full Swing With Opening For Quail, Turkey


The fall hunts are in full swing and last weekend was the official opening for quail as well as turkey.

Shotgunners were in the desert just a few miles south of Payson, trying their luck at bagging a limit of these feathered rockets. That is no easy task for most of us who only pick up that favorite 12- or 20-gauge a few times a year and expect to bring home a few quail for the skillet.

headed to the pine trees with a fall turkey tag in my pocket and a daypack of calls to lure in "old longbeard".

Well, over 10 years ago, I quit hunting them in the fall or spring because the consuming passion of calling a bird into shotgun range quite literally became an addiction.

Prior to going to work, I would be in the woods calling birds for me or one of my friends. After work, at sundown, I would be roosting birds for the next day's hunt. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a problem.
Well, I quit "cold turkey" and now just occasionally call on one of my extended point to point hikes.

As it turned out, I helped finance the Arizona Game and Fish Department by purchasing a tag and had the opportunity to wander the woods on a couple of early morning hunts last weekend. I was in turkey country, but heard no birds answer my yelps. I did see a track and a feather or two, as was walking a ridgeline from one mountain to the next.

As the season comes to a close, I will probably have that tag in my wallet and the satisfaction of toting my shotgun on a couple of early morning hunts. My passion for turkey hunting no doubt has waned, but the thrill of hearing a gobble or cluck on a Rim Country ridgetop still gets the adrenaline flowing. This weekend, enjoy the fall colors in the Rim Country, God's creation.

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