Water Board Recall Efforts Proceeding

Petitioners seek to recall four members of Pine water board


Efforts to recall members of the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District are proceeding, contrary to information in the Oct. 16 edition of the Roundup.

The Rim Country Water group is not the "official" party responsible for those efforts though, according to David Rogers of the Gila County elections office.

The group that circulated and filed the recall petitions is calling itself Pine Strawberry Citizens for the Prohibition of Providing Tax Dollars to a Privately Held Water Monopoly.

The two groups are one and the same though, said Fred Krafczyk, spokesman for Rim Country Water.

He said they were required to collect between 150 and 175 signatures for each board member and they turned in between 300 and 400 names on each petition.

Recall petitions were taken out on Gary Sherlock, chairman of the PSWID, and board members Forrest McCoy, Wesley Suhr and James Richey. The petitions have all been turned into the county and the recorder's office has certified them, Rogers said.

The petitions to recall Sherlock and Suhr were returned to the county Aug. 2, the petitions on McCoy were received Aug. 20, and those for Richey came in this week, Rogers said.

The elections office is required to notify the incumbents, but that has not occurred yet. The incumbents have the opportunity to submit a written statement for the ballot arguing why they should not be recalled, or they may choose to resign, he said.

"We are still in the process of reviewing the certifications," Rogers said.

If the elections office determines there are not enough signatures for an election, the petitions will be returned to the circulating group. Should there be enough signatures, the elections office will advise the board of supervisors, which will then set a special election.

Special elections may only be held on the second Tuesday of March, the third Tuesday of May, nine weeks prior to the general election or in conjunction with the general election on the second Tuesday after the first Monday in November, Rogers said.

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