Jail Site Will Take Way Too Long



Those jail proponents who think that the county's proposed site at the corner of Main Street and the Beeline would represent the fastest way to get a new jail are out of their minds.

The fact is that private property owners whose property will be forcibly taken by eminent domain will likely sue the county over this fiasco and tie up that property for several years to come. Why not give serious consideration to other locations, where forcible taking of property would not be a problem?

It would seem that our Board of Supervisors is being rather belligerent over this by insisting the new facilities be built where they want it. I plan to vote NO on their sales tax and bond issues because they need to be sent back to the drawing board, before we approve any new taxes or other expenses.

It is my understanding that Payson's primary objective is to attract tourists on a 12-month basis.

Have you heard of the town's First Friday on Main Street promotion? This jail is not a cheap project and is irreversible.

Why are our County Supervisors not supporting Payson in its endeavors to attract tourists? Also, the owners of real estate pay the highest taxes. How many tax dollars will be received from Gila County on the confiscated land? Why should we, as consumers, purchase products in a town where the taxes will increase from 8.72 percent to 9.22 percent, when we can purchase elsewhere and save money?

Dona Merkel

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