Super Seniors - Rim Country Bowling Results


Standings and scores, as of Oct. 11, week 6 of 33.

Team Standings are: First place, Team #6 Gamblers, with 69% won, with 29 points and 12 games won; Second place, Team #3 Dream Team, with 61.9% won, 26 points and 11 games won; Third place, Team #1 Sore Losers, with 59.5% won, 25 points and 10.5 games won; Fourth place, Team #12, Lane Rangers, with 57.1% won, 24 points and 10 games won; Fifth place, Team #8 Nice Try, with 54.8% won, 23 points and 10 games won; Sixth place, Team #10 Lucky Strikers, with 52.4% won, 22 points and 10 games won; Seventh place, Team #9 Four Aces, with 47.6% won, 20 points and 8 games won; Eighth place, Team #2 Let's Roll, with 47.6% won, 20 points and 8.5 games won; Ninth place, Team #5 Pin Pals, with 47.6% won, 20 points and 9 games won; 10th place, Team #11 Go Get Em, with 38.1% won, 16 points and 7 games won; 11th place, Team #4, Team 4, with 38.1% won, 16 points and 7 games won; and 12th place, Team #12, Little Bit of Luck, with 26.2% won, 11 points and 5 games won.

In Season High Scores, the leaders of the Scratch Game were Go Get Em with 726, Four Aces with 719 and Dream Team with 689.

In the Scratch Series, Four Aces dominated with 2,049, followed by Dream Team with 2,014 and Nice Try with 1,859.

In the Handicap Game, Go Get Em led with 931, followed by Sore Losers with 903 and Four Aces with 900.

In the Handicap Series, Four Aces is ahead with 2,592, followed by Dream Team with 2,541 and Lucky Strikers with 2,476.

In the Men's Scratch Game, John Huskey led with 254, followed by George Saba with 238 and Richard Meyer, 213.

In the Men's Scratch Series, George Saba was first with 663, then John Huskey with 628 and Richard Meyer with 600.

In the Men's Handicap Game, Bill Wright led with 269, followed by Bob Brill with 252 and Tim Teige with 251.

In the Men's Handicap Series, Herb Sherman was first with 678, then Bill Colwell with 675 and third was Bill Wright with 668.

In the Women's Scratch Game, Jeanne Burlison was first with 233, Carley Freeman was second with 188 and Dorothy Tatsch was third with 181.

In the Women's Scratch Series, Jeanne Burlison was first with 507, second was Donna Blair with 497 and third was Dorothy Tatsch with 495.

In the Women's Handicap Game, Shirley Manchester led with 239, followed by Joan Coombs with 238 and Carley Freeman with 233.

In the Women's Handicap Series, Donna Blair was first with 644, Shirley Manchester was 630 and Joan Coombs had 623.

In last week's top scores Men's Scratch Game, John Huskey led with 210, Kieth Wilson was second with 207 and Tom Teige was third with 205.

In last week's men's Scratch Series, George Saba took the lead, with 581, Bill Colwell took second with 579, then Herb Sherman was third with 552.

In last week's Handicap Game, Bob Brills had 252, Tom Teige had 251 and Ben Brooner was in third place with 241.

In last week's Handicap Series, first was Herb Sherman with 678, second place was still Bill Colwell, now with 675 and Tom Teige was third with 654.

In last week's top scores for Women's Scratch Game, Carley Freeman took the lead with 188, Joan Coombs was second with 178 and Shirley Manchester was third with 178.

In last week's top scores for Women's Scratch Series, Nancy Kelly claimed first with 479, followed by Carley Freeman in second place with 468 and Darlene Egler, third place with 461.

In last week's top scores Women's Handicap Game, Shirley Manchester was first with 239, Joan Coombs was second with 237 and Carley Freeman, third, with a score of 233.

In last week's top scores for Women's Handicap Series, Joan Coombs was first with 623, Shirley Manchester second with 610 and Mary Sommerville, third, with 609.

Team Rosters Names, Average/HDCP

Sore Losers includes: Dan Gerard, 138/55; Bill Wright, 141/53; Sharlene Sadlier, 134/59; and Bob Brill, 143/51.

Let's Roll includes: Carley Freeman, 150/45; Ed Freeman, 134/59; Jackie Robertson, 135/58; and Harry Robertson, 138/55.

Dream Team includes: Joan Coombs, 136/57; Gonzo Gonzalez, 155/40; Bill Colwell, 169/27; and Don Coombs, 170/27. Team 4 includes: Silvia Geffrey, 110/81; Don Haedt, 138/55; Dot Ivenson, 128/64; and Richard Meyer, 162/34.

Pin Pals includes: Barbara Sampson, 122/70, Shirley Manchester, 133/60; Mary Lange, 127/65; and Steve Blitz, 138/55.

The Gamblers includes Ben Brooner, 136/57; Tom Teige, 152/43; Donna Blair, 147/47; and Jerry Blair, 155/40.

Little Bit of Luck includes: Ira Gibel, 139/54; Rose Frazier, 120/72; Harvey Pierman, 129/63; and Maurice Simons, 111/80.

Nice Try includes: Judee Sherman, 129/63; Herb Sherman, 158/37; Mary Sommerville, 123/69; and John Huskey, 180/18.

Four Aces includes Ray Dunny, 147/47; Darlene Egler, 146/48, Dorothy Tatsch, 153/42; and George Saba, 194/5.

Lucky Strikers includes: Donna Lathi, 137/56; Paul Lahti, 130/63; Debbie Gonzalez, 128/64; and John Calderwood, 146/48.

Go Get Em includes Nancy Kelly, 147/47; Jeanne Burlison, 138/55; Betty Weingartz, 142/52; and Terry Curtis, 160/36. Lane Rangers includes: Joan Bradshaw, 133/60; Jerry Bradshaw, 134/59; Chick Ideker, 138/55; and Bob Schwarz, 172/25.

Temporary Substitutes in Men's Division 1 are: Ed Jones, 185/13; Keith Wilson, 150/45; Jack Murphy, 124/68; and Kieth Wilson, 161/35.

Temporary Substitutes in Women's Division 1 are: Barbara Simpson, 116/75; Jean Renick, 145/49; Chick Ideker, 150/45; and Vina Wilson, 141/53.

Other Substitutes include: Tom Dunny, Ken Elert, Harley F. Spud Mitchum, Doug Talbot, Ed Taves, Keith Wilson, Frank O'Donnell, Ed Rakosnik, Diane Anderson, Joyce Curtis, GiGi Grubbs, Marcia Pearson, Vina Wilson and Patti Naughton.

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