We Need A Jail, But No Tax Increase



Yes, we need a new jail and a courthouse. But as a taxpayer, I am against the proposed raising of taxes and the general obligation bond for the following reasons:

1. We don't need (or want) one of the highest tax rates in Arizona.

2. Location, location, location! Does Payson want to be known for its jail in the heart of town?

3. The cost of the proposed facilities keeps going up, because eminent domain must be used to secure more land. The building of public plazas, park-like settings, parking and the removal of at least one street will jack up the cost.

4. Gila County has ten million dollars in reserve (taxpayer money).

5. Rim Country was not consulted on the plans, location or method of payment.

6. Finally, VOTE this coming election. Don't be persuaded by scare tactics. The tax increase AND the general obligation bond will only guarantee more money out of your pocket. We can still have our buildings through a public-private partnership working agreement.

Bill Michaelis

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