Confusion Over Ballot Question



It seems there may be some confusion about the real issue on the upcoming ballot concerning the county jail/courthouse complexes.

In a meeting last week at which our county supervisor, Tommie Martin, spoke she was asked directly if the complexes would be built if there were a "no" vote on the upcoming election. She said yes.

Further discussion brought out that whether or not to build the complexes is not up for public consideration. She stated that is a decision for the three supervisors and that as it stands now, they will be built. Only the method for funding them is on the ballot.

She stated that if the secondary property tax and or sales tax were voted down, the complexes would be built with funding from a primary property tax. Again, the default funding for the complexes will be a primary property tax. She stated that secondary property tax and sales tax is cheaper money than the primary property tax. It would also take longer to be completed with only a primary property tax to fund them, as it would be "pay as you go."

I want to be clear that this letter is not intended as being for or against the locations, for or against building them, pro or con on any issue concerning the complexes.

I only want voters to understand that if they think voting "no" on the ballot will stop the complexes, they may have wasted their vote.

Understand what you are actually voting on! It is only on a method of how the complexes will be funded. We could argue forever on all these issues, but the only thing that will be decided in the upcoming election will be how the complexes are funded. You may be for or against the jails/courthouses.

You may be for or against the locations. You are not being asked that question. You are being asked about how to fund them! Locations and timelines for construction and completion will be decided after the funding issue is determined.

Have I mentioned that the upcoming election will only determine how the complexes will be funded? Please make sure you understand what your vote is really saying.ll this discussion should be about using primary property taxes, or secondary property taxes to repay a bond issue and sales taxes. That is the question before us in November!

Jon Barber

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