County Facilities Should Be On Main Street



The jail -- don't let the mayor or his friends make up your minds for you on this matter. It looks to me like the mayor is annoyed that the county did not seek his input on this issue.

The county is who must build this jail -- not the town. And they must do it in the most economical way they can -- the best, the cheapest, the quickest. The county owns the land on Main Street and that is the place to put the courthouse and jail.

You know very well that in this day and age, it is cheaper and faster to build onto the house you already own, than it is to sell and build a bigger house anywhere else in this area. The same is true for the county and their "house."

And don't think I'm a big fan of the county. As a matter of fact, I am the oldest, continuous critic of the county in this end of Gila County (I took over that job from my dad about 30 years ago). But I also know the jail has been on that spot for about the last 45 years and the county has been there in some form for twice that long. (I was born on Bootleg Alley in 1926, and the county was on that corner before then.)

The new facility will not have the jail out on the street like it is now, and even if it was, anything would look better than what we have looked at for the last 50 years. In fact, if we dress up that corner, it could be the best thing to happen to Payson -- and Main Street -- and this end of the county -- since Green Valley Park.

The half-cent tax will pay for the new jail or we, the people will pay for it with increased property tax. I, for one, surely cannot afford increase after increase in my property tax.

None of us are going to starve or go out of business over another nickel in sales tax on a $10 purchase -- and this will not be on our groceries, prescriptions, doctor visits or other services.

Don't let the mayor kid you. He could get himself elected as county supervisor and would still have to use either sales tax or property tax to build the jail. He could not pull it out of some pot of money in the Globe Courthouse that he implies exists for that purpose. Nor is there a contractor out there waiting around to build this for us for free, as he claims. Think about it.

Vote "yes" for the half-cent tax and let the out-of-towners help pay for the problems they bring us -- and keep the courthouse on Main Street.

Pat Cline

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