Creek Residents Will Miss Clayton Ashby


The community of Christopher Creek has lost a sweetheart of a man.

Clayton Ashby known to many of us as just "Clay" has passed on to heaven with many that have left before him.

Clayton has been a part of Christopher Creek for over 60 years. He could tell you anything and everything about this area, and add a few touches of his own.

Clay could tell the best stories and keep you wanting for more. He was such a special man, and I will truly miss him.

A helpful neighbor in time of need

I remember eleven years ago when I was having cancer surgery in the Valley. My mother was here taking care of my six-month-old daughter and at that time we lived on top of Elk Run Road.

Those of you familiar with this road know that it is very steep and when it snows, it is very slippery.

We got almost 4 feet of snow and she was a little afraid because she said if she needed to get out, she couldn't.

She said all she could see was snow. Then she said she heard this loud sound and up the road came this big Caterpillar machine, with this sweet guy driving it.

She thought there was an angel coming. He did the entire road right up to the house. She said she took the baby and ran out to thank him.

She could have kissed him, but he just smiled and said not to worry. Clayton knew I was in the hospital and my mother was there alone and that was the type of man he was.

He was there for anyone that needs help.

A man interested in his world

Close friend and neighbor, Gary Anderson said one of Clayton's favorite books was the world atlas.

He said Clayton would pull it down and look up other countries and cities around the world.

He said Clayton was very concerned about education and the state doing what it should do to properly finance education. He was concerned about college students getting as nearly free education as possible, as the state constitution requires.

He said Clayton would quote the state constitution about the obligation to fund education, when trust lands were sold the funds were to go to education.

Clayton never spoke badly of anyone.

Sometimes he would give a twisted nod of his head and a wince of the eye when a certain name came up, but the words never came out of his mouth.

How old is old?

I remember the time we were standing around with some neighbors and someone asks Clay how old he was.

My husband Frank's reply was "older than dirt" he just laughed and got a big kick out of people joking with him.

From that day on, if anyone asked Clay's age, the answer was he was "older than dirt."

Clayton was very active in the community. He always joined in all the CCHA activities.

He drove his truck around as they loaded up leaves for the fall clean up.

He let the association store all the Christmas decorations in his shop and then help deliver the decorations on his truck as they decorated the highway, and he cleaned many of the roads throughout the community of snow, over the years.

If we had recorded the stories Clayton told over the years, we would have a bestseller.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Clayton's family and friends. May the Lord be with all of you during your time of need, and may you all know that we truly loved and will miss this sweetheart of a man.

Halloween festivities for Christopher Creek

Saturday, Oct. 27 is the Annual Halloween Hayride Trick-or-Treat for the kids in Christopher Creek.

All the fun begins at 4 p.m. at the fire hall were they will feed the kids and load up for a night of Trick-or-Treat.

This is for the residents of Christopher Creek and their kids and grandkids only.

For more information call Karen Thornton at (928) 478-4133 or Judy Toole at (928) 4780508.

Halloween festivities for Hunter Creek

Hunter Creek is having their Second Annual Trick-or-Treat Hayride on Saturday, Oct. 27.

All the fun starts at 5 p.m.

Everyone is to meet at my place, Lot 165 dressed in your favorite costume, where we will judge the costumes, feed the little ones and load up on the trailer for a night of fun and trick-or-treat.

This is only for residents of Hunter Creek and their kids and grandkids only.

Please call me if you have kids going or if you are passing out candy, (928) 478-4519.

We will only go to the houses that call us, and we need to know how many kids so we cook enough hot dogs.

Thanks to all that support the kids.

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