Fall Bass Fishing Tips For Roosevelt Lake


The fall weather is perfect for a trip to Roosevelt, one of the best bass lakes in the West. With the cooler weather, the fish are in a transition state.

What that means is that they could still be deep, but other bass may be on the shoreline cruising the shallows. Trying to figure out the fall pattern can certainly be perplexing to the casual angler, as well as the tournament fisherman.

Many different techniques can be successful. Anglers who dropshot can catch plenty of bass in mid-depth water of 12 to 20 feet, while a topwater bite may occur anytime during the day, depending on the location of shad, one of the main food supply for Roosevelt Lake bass. For others, throwing a spinnerbait or buzzbait may do the trick on any given day on the water.

Possibly the best and easiest technique may be throwing a crankbait, which dives beneath the surface. The larger the bill it has, the deeper the body dives to various depths.

The shallow diver is in 3-to-5-foot range beneath the surface, while the mid-diver is effective in the 5 to 8 foot water, and the deep diver can reach depths of more than 20 feet.

In the fall, during the transition period, it would be wise to have all three in your arsenal to outfox that predacious bass.

I asked Tim Klinger, FLW Tour Pro, who is one of the members of the National Guard Pro Fishing Team, what to look for in color selection.

He responded confidently, "Match the color with the food source for your local lake. For instance, crawdads, depending on the time of year, can actually change to various shades of brown, green and orange."

Tim, who won the Beaver Lake Open in the FLW Tour in 2004, also stated, "Shad-colored crankbaits work well in the fall, because shad are one of the main food sources for bass at this time of year."

There are a number of crankbait companies that make excellent lures at reasonable prices for about $4 to $8. Norman, Rebel and Rapala are popular and fit this price range. The hardbaits by Lucky Craft have very unique patterns and colors, which make them a bit pricey, but very effective at catching bass. The selection of crankbaits is growing because of so many new companies joining the fishing industry and trying to make the perfect bass bait.

Crankbaits are easy to throw and can be very effective in catching a fall bass. What I like about them is that the lure does all the work and all I have to do it turn the handle on the reel.

Be careful though, no matter how accomplished an angler you are, because each lure has at least two treble hooks that are razor-sharp, so keep a safe distance from other anglers.

Good luck fall fishing in God's creation.

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