Great Pumpkins And Other Tales


Where were you when the lights went out on Halloween?

Did you Trick or Treat? Trunk or Treat? Hand out candy? Or have a memorable Halloween party?

Young or old, there are costumes to fit all ages. Behind the mask, you can be anything you'd like to be. Here are some great books that will help you get prepared for this Scary Day!

"Great Pumpkins" by Peter Cobe gives you easy instructions for creating more than twenty-five different Jack-o-lanterns ranging from scary -- friendly to downright fabulous.

All you need is a pumpkin, a few simple tools, and let your imagination do the rest.

"Halloween Costumes for Kids" by Leila Peltosaari brings you an endless source of unique costume ideas for children of all ages.

The designs include not only traditional, but also fantasy and story book characters.

Most of the costumes can be made without a sewing machine. The simple grid patterns can be enlarged in minutes, often directly onto the fabric.

A handmade Halloween costume never goes out of style, but will make a comeback year after year for yet another lucky child.

It's time for magic and fantasy. Children will never forget a costume made especially for them.

"Halloween Fun for Everyone" by Ferida Wolff

Who says getting ready for Halloween has to be a fright?

Play ghoulish games like Goblin Grab, design your own costume, and enjoy eerie eats like cauldron cocoa and a wiggly worm sandwich.

You can make your own haunted house carnival and you don't have to be a mad scientist to understand the simple yet detailed instructions for every project.

"Halloween Handbook" by Bridie Clark

Who knew you could concoct an instant costume out of underwear and safety pins? Or dazzle friends with the ingenuity of using a cauliflower and some fake blood? Yep, you're a no-brainer.

And did you know that classic Halloween party game "Bobbing for Apples" was also used to predict the future?

According to the Victorians, the first young person to pluck an apple from the tub without using his or her hands would be the first to marry.

From Pumpkin Carving 101, to the history of Halloween, this book is chock full of fun and great ideas.

"Pumpkin Decorating" by Vicki Rhodes

Bring pumpkins to life in 80 magical creative ways. Paint and embellish them with paper, hair, fabric, chains and more to create table centerpieces, mantel displays and door and window decorations. These designs will take you right through the fall season. You'll learn how to choose the perfect pumpkin, extend its life and how to prepare your pumpkin for carving and proper lighting of your masterpiece.

Check out the children's area for lots of ghost and goblin reads.

Our favorite young adult, Emily Arnold, has chosen the following book for this month's review.

Come in and sign up for the kids' Halloween programs. Happy Hauntings!

"The Ramsay Scallop" by Frances Temple

In "The Ramsay Scallop," Elenor's and Thomas's lives are changed forever.

On their journey, they meet many people who strengthen their feelings for each other and their faith.

They realize that their faith really wasn't as strong as they thought it was, and then, before they know it, their faith is greater than they ever imagined it could be.

Their views are also widened in many ways. Elenor (Nora) learns about different types of Christianity from a shepherd and from a Saracen shepherd, she learns about the Islamic faith. She also becomes more mature.

Thomas learns to care more for others through his experience as the leader of a pilgrimage and he learns to open up more; to show his feelings and to talk more with people.

They make many new and wonderful friends along the way. They both realize that despite their differences, with God's help they can learn to love each other.

This book is an amazing story of two uncertain pilgrims who become stronger believers through their journey of faith.

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