Jails Committee: Who They Are


Thirteen Gila County residents volunteered their time for the Gila County Facilities Planning Committee.

Their task was to research the needs involved with potential jail and courthouse improvements in Gila County.

The representatives were not to be elected officials or to work for elected officials. They served on a volunteer basis.

Three members were to be appointed by each of the county supervisors. Each town or city and tribe in Gila County was allowed to select one person for representation. While not every town appointed a member, the overall representation spanned much of the county.

The members appointed by Supervisor Tommie Martin included Kristi Ford, Harry Jones and Ken Volz.

The members appointed by Supervisor Jose Sanchez included Dan Adams, Linda Center and Joe Rodriguez.

The members appointed by Supervisor Shirley Dawson included Tom Moody, Tommie Rasmussen and Richard Standage.

The representative appointed by the City of Globe was Terry Wheeler. The Town of Payson's appointee was Al Poskanzer. Star Valley officials selected Ron McDaniel as the town's representative. The representative for the Tonto Apache Tribe was Lucy Shaw.

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