Whom Do You Trust?



I have given my letter the title of "whom do you trust?" because of a question raised at the recent Citizens Awareness Committee debate on Oct. 22:one of the citizens present asked, "Who will decide where the justice center will be built?"

As Jim Winter stated in his Oct. 23 letter to the editor in the Roundup, "Since the Board of Supervisors acts as the board of directors in a jail district, they exercise all the powers and duties in acquiring the property for the jail district."

I know the three supervisors fairlyell and I like them personally, but I can'trust their judgment on the location location of the much-needed jail and courthouse.They have definitely chosen the Main Street and Beeline corner to expand into the adjoining properties.

I carefully reviewed the report of the 13-person advisory committee and concluded other sites were notfully examined during the nine-meeting process.

I thought as much when I saw the "fatal flaw" handout at the CAC debate on Oct. 22.It was dated March 7, but I was sure the advisory committee minutes did not reflect that. Most alternative sites were dismissed with one thought each... but now the sheet lists 3-5 reasons for each site.Ironically, as was brought out by a citizen at the debate question and answer, there was no fatal flaw listed for the Main Street/Beeline location! I can think of several. So, it's a question of whom do you trust?

One of the proponents of the present justice center plan said that this vote was soimportant that citizens should vote "yes."My thought is that it's so important that we need to vote "no" and "no"!This will force us all to get back to the table and resolve the funding and site options.

My wife and I have already walked into the assessor's office and voted "no" and "no" and I urge the residents of Gila County to join me in that perspective.

Ed Blair

Payson council member

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