A Good Depiction Of Times


Troy Wayland - Teen reviewer

The movie "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" is based around the era 1585, probably one of the best eras for stonework and huge cathedrals. At this time you should know from your history books that Spain was the most powerful empire in the world. It was interesting to see how religion played an extremely important part in both England and Spain. Spain was trying to rid the world of the evil queen and acquire her land.

Cate Blanchett plays Queen Elizabeth. The other main character is played by Clive Owen, the male lead, of course. He portrays the everyday "Player," like the guy that tries to get what he wants from the women.

Queen Elizabeth is quite attracted to his looks and charm, but must keep her distance from him, because he is not of royal blood, so she cannot pursue the relationship.

This movie is rated PG-13, I'm not quite sure why. There is no violence, no cursing and only a brief shot of the queen, naked from the back. I was disappointed because when I looked at the poster outside of the Sawmill Theatres, the poster said for "Queen Elizabeth Woman Warrior Queen." She does however dress up in armor, mounts her horse and give a victory speech to the men going into battle and that's about it.

I liked the movie for its abstract language and old-age voice. The characters were beautifully dressed, with some characters having distinct "pirate" clothing.

One cool thing that the guys might like about this movie, besides all the talking, would be a scene where a guy is in an iron maiden in the torture chamber.

So overall, this movie showed a good depiction of the history of Queen Elizabeth's reign and the battle between England and Spain.

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