Know Your Server


Anthony Rivas, waiter
Pizza Hut
113 S. Beeline Highway • (928) 474-1100

How long have you been in this profession and why did you choose it? I have been a waiter, almost two years. Most of my family worked here, but I didn't want to work in the kitchen. I am a people person.

What thought gets you through a day on your feet? Sleep.

Describe your favorite customer: I like everybody.

Most embarrassing moment? When I was serving a bunch of guys at the back table and a couple of girls came in, then one of the guys said, "She thinks you're cute." I totally turned red.

What is always in your refrigerator? Pepsi.

Hobbies: Hiking, reading, playing guitar and I am studying to become a hair stylist.


Book: "Wicked"

Song: Whichever one I am writing next.

Movie: "Meet the Robinsons"

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