Stories for September 2007


Thursday, September 27

Square dancers still looking for a place to dance

The Zane Grey Twirlers Square Dance Club is still looking for a place to dance.

K2 well in Pine is much needed

It was with somemazement that I read the latest article submitted by Rim Country Water.

Many accidents at Slate Creek could be avoided

Sunday's deadly accident is not the first at the end of the long hill that descends into Slate Creek, and without some changes in the way people drive, it probably will not be the last.

Deputies find body of missing man

The body of a 37-year-old Globe resident was discovered Monday under a bridge crossing Highway 260, about 20 miles east of Payson.

Old-time fiddlers contest takes center stage

The old fiddler's festival has a new name. The 37-year-old celebration is now called the Vertielee Floyd Memorial Old Time Fiddlers Contest Arizona State Championship.

Rodeo queen looks toward photojournalism career

Katie Rose Hill has been to Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada and New Mexico in her first five months of travel as Miss Rodeo Arizona.

Police say couple was beaten and kidnapped

A 42-year-old man who police say attacked two people in their home on Rim View Road is now in jail on multiple charges, including kidnapping and attempted second-degree homicide.

Merritt Center helps veterans return to 'life as usual'

It has been called shell shock, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but it's well known that sometimes after veterans have been in the fire of combat, they have difficulty coming back to "life as usual."

Council decision baffles town employee

Former Human Resources Director Bob Smith said he was broadsided by the council's decision to do away with his position. "No one talked to me, asked my opinion," he said. "The mayor came in 30 minutes prior to the posting (of the item on the council agenda) and said (it) matter of factly and left."

Floats for Homecoming are on their way

Payson High School students spend a major portion of Thursday evening putting together their floats for the Homecoming parade.

Gila County pioneers to celebrate

The Gila County pioneers are gathering for an old-fashioned barbecue dinner, dance and auction this weekend and everyone in the Rim Country is invited to attend.

Notable fires in Rim Country claimed 10 lives

The firefighter statue in front of Rim Country Museum serves as a reminder of the unspoken danger that exists in Rim Country, that of the wildfire.

Don't wait, buy your event tickets by Monday

Tickets are for sale now for the many events that make up Payson's 125th Anniversary Celebration.

Art in Park part of town's celebration

A buck stands still in a ponderosa pine forest, Indian women weave baskets, a cowboy rides his herd across a lonesome range. These scenes have one thing in common -- the West.

Activities, games galore at 125th celebration

Step into a sack. Hop along on three legs. Make a wheelbarrow out of your best buddy.

Many positives derived from bicycling


First off, I do somewhat agree that there needs to be more bicycle safety. But if the kids who ride bikes had some place to go, they wouldn't be on the streets and would more likely be in an actual bike park learning something new and getting more physically activity.

What's up?

Q: Is an urgent care facility coming to town?

Pine residents should focus on finding a better water source

I have been reading everything about the water issue in Pine and I finally have to offer my two cents after reading Christy Powers' column in the Aug. 31 issue.

Thanks to all who helped at fair

We just want to thank everyone that helped put on our county fair.

Lions thank all who helped

Thank you, thank you to all the people here in Payson who made donations to the Payson Lions Club in support of our "White Cane Days."

Expose legislation to full debate

Here's language Senator Kyl appears to co-sponsor with Senator Lieberman to amend the Defense Authorization Bill now pending:

Payson Pioneer Cemetery: occupied since 1882

Cemeteries are usually thought of as sacred resting places for our friends and loved ones -- quiet places, where tears and emotions have choked us -- yet places we like to return to with flowers, seeking still moments to meditate.

Timeline: Payson, Arizona

Prehistoric people occupied about 1,000 sites in Payson and the surrounding area.

Storytellers to spin yarns about Payson's past

The colorful past of the 125-year-old town of Payson will come alive on Saturday, Oct. 6. A timeline parade is part of the 125th anniversary celebration of the town.

Anniversary festivities include old West melodrama

Beer, Brats, Wine and Cheese at the Rim Country Museum kick off the ticketed events at the 125th Anniversary of Payson celebration.

Low-cost spay/neuter clinic Oct. 13


Well, fall is officially here. With that, we hope to start seeing a reduction in the number of kittens and puppies that are coming in to the shelter.

Be careful when you answer yes to a casual question


If you ever have occasion to ask me a question that requires a yes or no answer, you may notice a thoughtful pause before I reply. It's a habit I picked up in the late 1950s.

Are you prepared to help your aging parents?


If you share much of your adult life with your parents, consider yourself fortunate.

September brought above-average rains to Village


The frost is on the pumpkin!

Listening to shrill of bull elk is a simple pleasure


The older I get, the more the simple pleasures of the outdoors seem to fascinate me. In the spring, it's the morning wake-up call of a tom turkey from a distant ridge.

Show Low comes to Longhorn homecoming

It's out of the fryin' pan and into the fire for the Longhorn football team.

Country music will fill the air

Partygoers at Payson's 125th festivities will be in for an old-fashioned musical treat.

Art is part of Western heritage

A buck stands still in a ponderosa pine forest, Indian women weave baskets; a cowboy drives his herd across a lonesome range. These scenes have one thing in common -- the West.

Womans Club is cornerstone of town's foundation

Lena Chilson gave a report on the Bazaar at the Nov. 25, 1944 meeting of the Payson Womans Club (PWC).

Payson's 125th Anniversary special section

It is believed the first white residents of the Payson area were miners who, by the nature of their livelihood, were more transient than resident, so the records of their arrival are sketchy.

County says expect higher property tax bills

The annual ritual of paying property taxes may force Gila County property owners to break open their piggy banks this year to pay higher tax bills.

Payson graduates score high in ACT tests

Students top all others in state

Last year's Payson High School graduates exceeded many of their counterparts in ACT tests.

Homecoming candidates

Homecoming Court 2007 for Payson High School includes ...

Appreciation, regard for forest is important

Americans claim they love their public lands, national parks, and national forests. There are a number of ways, however, to gauge if that profession lines up with reality.

KCMA thank-you party

Andy Kofile cooks the hot dogs and hamburgers, as son Drew waits patiently.

Teen juggles passion for piano and airplanes

Jesse Snively will spend 500 hours memorizing, perfecting Beethoven's ‘Sonata 8 in C minor'

Many Payson teens can juggle sports practices, homework, part-time jobs, and social activities with the finesse of a professional event planner.

Payson teams get little respect in East region

For a variety of reasons, Payson is usually considered an unwanted stepchild in the Class 3A East region.

Church briefs

True Beauty is a special, free clinic for pre-teen and teenage girls. Its purpose is to introduce and/or reinforce Biblical standards about issues young girls face in their daily lives, such as self-esteem, purity, modesty, relationships, and choices.

DNA can identify combination of breeds


My little Lacy is a mystery dog. Since she was found on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere in northern Arizona with her spotted sister, we only guess at her bloodlines.

Pine library sponsors writing contest


Fall is here and you can certainly see, feel, smell and hear the difference. Soon we will be hauling in wood and digging out the warm clothes. In the meantime, it is gorgeous.

10 teams to challenge for Pioneer title

Scratch those Payson Invitational Pioneer Title Tournament schedules that were issued earlier.

Former PHS student, coach now training dolphins, sea lions

A former Payson High School honor student and basketball star, who later became a teacher and coach at his alma mater, is living his dream of working as a wild animal trainer.

Good works play at Ponderosa Baptist

Ruth, Bob, Ron and Leah will answer to Jesus in an original drama Sunday evening at the Ponderosa Baptist Church in Payson.

Mount Cross Lutheran Church

Today, there are more than 50 places of worship in Payson. Following is a chronology (up to 1987) of Mount Cross Lutheran Church, located at 601 E. Highway 260.

Lake will light up Oct. 6

The lake at Green Valley Park will come alive with lights during one evening of the 125th celebration.

Owens Bros. Lumber was 'Where Your Home Begins'

"Where Your Home Begins" was the motto of the Owens Bros. Lumber business. They cut the timber in the forest and turned it into building material for residents and miners of the Rim Country -- and for throughout the state.

A gathering of the clans -- Rim Country style

Some of the Rim Country's oldest families gathered at Rumsey Park the second weekend in September. So many branches of the Belluzzi and Lazear families were present, it was as if the park had a whole new stand of trees ... at least to the uninitiated.

Longtime Rim Country residents remember it as Mag's Ham Bun

Spurs hang from the ceiling, antique handguns are displayed in cases on the wall, and the atmosphere is like an old-time saloon.

Good, old-fashioned fun planned for children

Step into a sack. Hop along on three legs. Make a wheelbarrow out of your best buddy. Wear a hoop, six-sizes too large. Make it do the tilt-a-whirl around your waist.

Tonto Apache Tribe marks 35 years of federal recognition

Payson's founding 125 years ago was surely not something met with joy by the local Apaches. After all, Payson was founded on a base, created in part by pushing Native Americans out.

The story of Payson's first bank

Payson's first bank opened in 1916. It was called Payson Commercial and Trust Co. and was incorporated by W.H. Hilligass, John McCormick, Ralph Hubert, H.L. Castle, and A.T. Hammons. This bank would operate for 16 years before closing under questionable circumstances in 1932.

Real Rim Country Cowboys

This group was called the "Tonto Rim Wild Bunch 1900" according to what someone wrote on a copy of the photo.

Deadline near for Christmas tree permits

Time is running out for Christmas tree applications.

Tiebreaker decides Lady Longhorn contest

The Lady Horns' East region title aspirations took a direct hit, during a 3-0 loss to the Round Valley Elks.

State rep to visit Pine, Strawberry seniors Oct. 5

A representative from the Arizona Secretary of State office will be in the Pine Strawberry senior dining room Oct. 5.

Cattle business

Alva Taylor (A.T.) Vaughn was in the Rim Country cattle business for many years.

Grandma Platt's house gets new life as gallery

A little more than 100 years ago, a house was built to simply be home for Mr. and Mrs. Platt. Little did they know what its life would be like and the changes it would encounter.

Chilsons were here before Payson itself

The Chilson family has been part of Payson's history longer than there has been a Payson.

Haught name a big part of Payson history

No look at the history of the Rim Country can be complete without a look at the large Haught family. Brothers, cousins and uncles let family members know what a great area this was and the call was heeded.

Homer C. Wells

Homer C. Wells died Sept. 25, 2007 in Phoenix, Ariz. He was born March 26, 1925 to Lyle Alfred Wells and Edith Decker.

Betty J. Libby

Betty J. Libby died Sept. 21, 2007. She had recently relocated from Seattle, Wash. She was born Sept. 1, 1927 in Peerless, Mont.

Dennis Michael Killen

Dennis Michael Killen died Sept 23, 2007. He was born April 3, 1953 in Chester, Pa. and moved to Arizona in 1984. He lived in Phoenix and moved to Pine in 1988.

Pat Griffin

Pat Griffin, 101, born Dec. 1, 1905 in Graettinger, Iowa, died Sept. 21, 2007 in Payson.

Hazel Peace

Hazel Peace was born in Moyers, Okla. Oct. 2, 1934 and came to Arizona at age 5.

John O. Bucanek

John O. Bucanek, 43, of Phoenix and Fort Collins, Colo. died Sept. 16, 2007 in Phoenix.

Henry (Hank) Fremont Ashurst

Henry (Hank) Fremont Ashurst died Sept. 22, 2007. He was born July 9, 1925 in Klamath Falls, Ore. to Edward B. and Inez Antona (Morris) Ashurst.

GED testing dates named

Linda O'Dell, Gila County Superintendent of Schools, is announcing the following GED testing dates in Payson: Oct. 13, 2007; Nov. 17, 2007; Dec. 15, 2007.

Rainwater harvest for Habitat townhomes

Cisterns will collect rainwater to provide trees and plants with water at the Habitat for Humanity townhomes.

Peter George Turlukis

Peter George Turlukis of Payson died Sept. 26, 2007.

Creek resident's photos win ribbons


This magnificent picture won Christopher Creek resident Bob Quay first place in this year's Gila County Fair.

Wednesday, September 26

Gas truck overturns, burns

A gasoline tanker smashed into a concrete center barrier and burst into flames Sunday, killing the driver and closing both north and southbound lanes of Highway 87 at Slate Creek.

Tuesday, September 25

Miniatures are Payson woman's medium of choice


Ann Pendleton was "awestruck" when she saw her first miniatures, two-by-three-inch paintings, at a Florida exhibit, seven years ago.

A dream of a dazzling future


I had a dream. Busloads of retired seniors were on their way to Payson.

A train from the past


Not long ago, we drove some 500 miles to a picturesque town in north central New Mexico called Chama. It is tucked into a valley of high mountains surrounded by ranches, forests, nice people and is the terminus of a railroad, which was built in 1880 and called the Cumbres & Toltec.

PHS celebrates Homecoming


Alumni, parents, teachers and students will be hootin' and hollerin' throughout the week as Homecoming festivities heat up the Payson High School campus.

Movie review: The Brave One

Unique ending makes movie worthwhile

Here is a trivia question for all you movie buffs: How many movies did Charles Bronson star in as the character Paul Kersey? Hint: they all have the words "Death Wish" in the title. Amazingly, the answer is five, over a 20-year period.

Salad, pasta good choices for fall


Cooler weather is a delight.

Movie review: Mr. Bean's Holiday

TV show was good, movie is not

"Mr. Bean's Holiday" is set in the beautiful month of June in the wondrous French countryside.

History up close


Recently I had one of those days that historians love: an opportunity to visit with a couple of different groups of people and see some history up close.

Monday, September 24

Mayor explains city, county relationship

Because there has been so much discussion regarding the County Board of Supervisors proposed tax increase and their stated promise to use the tax to build and upgrade facilities, I feel it is time I address this issue.

Look beyond the standardized test

What paradise it would be to have students who have parents that all believe literacy begins with, and is maintained, in the home. A paradox, indeed!

K-2 well is a light at the end of the tunnel

The residents of Pine have endured Stage 5 Water Conservation Stage for countless summers.This stage is so severe that toilets don't get flushed, people take Navy showers, dirty dishes stack up on kitchen countershile people sadly watch their valued trees and plants die.

New justice facility is good for town

I'm sure that people reading this letter will see my name and pick up on the fact that I am related to one of the Gila County justice facility committee members.

Town Council members used hearts in helping seniors

Sometimes politicians forget to stop politicking long enough to consider what is best on a very basic level for their constituents.

Roundup repeats as state's top non-daily newspaper

Team effort garners Roundup Newspaper of the Year award

The Payson Roundup newspaper, for the ninth consecutive year, took home the top honor in the Arizona Newspapers Association's Better Newspapers Contest.

New water bill gives new rights to communities

Counties or towns in rural Arizona now have more control of increasingly limited water supplies.

Rain damages roads, couple rescued from rising creek

Four inches of rain Saturday through Sunday morning washed out roads, flooded creeks and necessitated two Star Valley residents being plucked from floodwaters that had reached the bottom of the driver's window Saturday night.

Adoption: Workshop will offer training, resource options, family alternatives

HAFTO (Helping Adoptive and Foster families TOgether) is sponsoring free training to assist foster, adoptive and relative/kinship placement parents.

Lady Longhorns up record to 6-1

A pair of crucial road trips to the home of East region rivals is the daunting challenge facing the Lady Longhorn volleyball team.

Payson rallies to down Bradshaw Mountain

If Dandy Don Meredith had been announcing the Longhorns' 23-14 win over Bradshaw Mountain, he most likely would have chimed in with "Turn Out the Lights the Party's Over" about the time Matt Wilson sacked Bear quarterback Marshall Bailey in the end zone.

Rodeo offers money for college educations

Hoofs pounded, dust flew and bodies hit the ground, as nine students from Payson High School competed in the first AHSRA rodeo of the year.

A life of service to the Rim Country

The Rim Country was a hard country when pioneer families were first trying to set roots here.

CC runners prepare for homecoming

Payson High School cross-country runners are gearing up this week for the highlight of the home season -- the Sludge to the Judge homecoming run.

Homecoming week lights a fire of celebration at Payson High School

Kicking off Homecoming Week students celebrate with a bonfire, hot dog eating contest and dunk tank.

September is America's time to decide on priorities

America faces a clear choice this month. President Bush will insist that Congress continue the war in Iraq and demand another $50 billion for the occupation. That's on top of $147 billion already pending for Iraq and Afghanistan this year. And that's on top of the $460 billion annual military budget.

Benefit bowlers needed

The Rim Country Lanes and Safeway are hosting a "Bowling for a Cure" event in October.

Homes to be weatherized to reduce energy use

More than 100 individual apartments at multi-family housing structures, including 32 in Payson, will be weatherized to permanently reduce energy bills for low-income families during Arizona's first statewide weatherization project in October.

Joseph Getling Jr.

Joseph Getling Jr. died Sept. 22, 2007. He was born Nov. 2, 1928 in Temperance, Mich. to Mary and Joseph Getling Sr.

USDA grant awarded to Fossil Creek Creamery

The U.S. Department of Agriculture-Rural Development Department has awarded a Value Added Grant to Fossil Creek Creamery (formerly the Strawberry Fudge Factory), at the Ranch at Fossil Creek in Strawberry.

Helping Senior Center is not always a matter of financial assistance

Put away your checkbook. Some things in life are priceless. Volunteering is good for the soul.

Low-cost spay, neuter clinic coming to Payson

Low-cost spay/neuter surgeries will again be offered in Payson, by the Plateau Land Mobile Clinic, associated with the Second Chance Center for Animals in Flagstaff.

Equestrians showcase talents at gymkhana

The Lacey Balmer Orland Memorial Payson Gymkhana, held Sept. 22 at the Payson Event Center, gave equestrians from around the county the opportunity to showcase their skills and earn $700 for the fund.

Southeastern Arizona bright spot for quail

The quail outlook for much of Arizona may be less than optimal this year, but there is a bright spot -- southeastern Arizona.

Injuries mounting for Lady Longhorns

The injury bug is wreaking havoc on the Lady Longhorn volleyball team's aspirations of receiving an advantageous seed into the state tournament.

PHS soccer team a contender for regional title

The Longhorn boys soccer team stamped themselves an East region title contender, with a pulsating 1-0 win over the Round Valley Elks.

Meyer catches online travel wave

Willie Meyer is a man who yearns to travel.

Personalized parking space came with 20 years of service at Pine Elementary

No one at Pine Elementary has earned their own parking space -- not the principal, business manager or health director -- except for Doris Randall, the school's executive secretary.

Learn about state's free health care registry on Oct. 5 in Pine

A representative from the Arizona Secretary of State's office will be at the Pine-Strawberry Senior Dining Room Oct. 5.

Dinner, auction will benefit cancer, accident victim

Tina O'Neil has suffered more than her share of hardships.

Water issues a hot topic at citizens meeting

Payson's water guru Buzz Walker hated the idea of running out of water.

'General Betray Us' label amusing

I find Republican outrage at the "General Betray Us" label rather amusing in light of the names President Clinton was called during the Monica Lewinsky era.

Council thanked for helping Payson's seniors

I was glad to read the headlines regarding the senior center receiving funding from the city.

Time to vote against taking property

Thank you to the general manager of Chapman Auto Center for bringing sanity to an insane situation.

Friday, September 21

Longhorns gore Bradshaw Mountain Bears with a loss

The Payson Longhorns roared back from a 14-0 first quarter deficit to beat the Bradshaw Mountain Bears 23-14 Friday in PHS stadium.

Thursday, September 20

Summer visitors farewell potluck at Pine Senior Center


These cool days and nights are wonderful, are they not? Temps were recorded in the high 30s this week. Wow. This long hot summer might finally be winding down.

Jail site alternatives never researched by anyone

Supervisor Tommie Martin recently made a presentation regarding the ballot measure for county facilities and jails. I asked Supervisor Martin what other sites had been considered by the volunteer Citizens Advisory Committee tasked with studying the topic and advising the board of supervisors.

Dog power

A Labrador Retriever jumps a hurdle after grabbing the ball and heads back to her handler.

Church briefs

A seminar on stress management and "Free Yourself from Energy Thieves" will be presented at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 26 at the Payson Public Library, 328 N. McLane Road.

Plenty of 'purebreds' at shelter


There is an ever-growing problem in this community and around the country. The problem is dog breeders. There is no way of knowing how many breeders we have locally, as there are no ordinances to manage them.

How to begin a weight-reduction program for your dog


One thing I am constantly preaching about is overweight dogs. Often the owners of those overweight dogs are not happy with me for mentioning it, and most adamantly, they will deny the obvious. The people who do the overfeeding tend to be the last to notice that their dog has blossomed to an unhealthy state.

Do all your stocks and mutual funds look alike?


Like most people, you probably gravitate toward things that you're familiar with and that you like. If you enjoy classical music, your shelves may be full of Beethoven and Ravel. If you love pasta, your cupboards may be bulging with spaghetti and ravioli.

Elk bugles announce fall in Christopher Creek


I can't believe how cold it is at night. The other morning there was a slight frost outside.

Supervisor to speak on jail bond issues


Can you feel it? Fall is in the air. The mornings and evenings are getting a bit chilly, some of my summer flowers are fading fast and the hummingbirds have diminished drastically.

We all leave something behind when we go


As a boy, I used to love wandering the woods around my home town of New London, Connecticut. I would leave early in the morning and return just in time for supper.

Knauss, Mersek wed

Sara Margaret Knauss and John Michael Mersek were married July 28 at Chaparral Pines Golf Club in Payson.

Museum help

The Arizona Board of Realtors helped raise money for the Rim Country Historical Museum recently and were on hand to present them with the result of their fund-raising efforts.

Explore Montezuma's Well, Castle

Sinkhole, ruins have nothing to do with Mayan leader

Anyone who has driven past Camp Verde on northbound I-17 is familiar with the landscape that can be seen from their vehicles.

You can't legislate to idiot-proof the state

With all due respect to Mr. Goddard (I do remember the accident), this solution is right in line with today's way of doing business.

Father would be proud of daughter's nomination

Somewhere in heaven, Jack Morris is sporting a huge grin and his chest is bursting with pride.

County facilities: Proponents, opponents square off

The first face-off regarding the hottest topic in Gila County featured a quartet of Payson notables.

After tears, senior center gets funding

The Payson Town Council took the first step to partner with the Payson Senior Center to ensure that its members are taken care of. Deborah Barber, treasurer of the Senior Center board, proposed a "strategic partnership" with the Town of Payson, as a way to circumvent the proposed weaning of town funds.

County supervisors explain justice facility needs to council members

Council takes no action opposing justice facilities

Thursday's marathon council meeting included a lengthy presentation from county notables and subsequently a volatile discussion between Mayor Bob Edwards and the county representatives.

Town will celebrate 125th anniversary Oct. 3-7


Between Oct. 3 and Oct. 7, Payson will be celebrating its 125th anniversary.

Browns celebrate 50th wedding anniversary

Gerald and Doreen Brown recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on an Alaska cruise.

Pine fire chief resigns

Oft-embattled Pine-Strawberry Fire Chief Bill Dekker has resigned, effective immediately.

Councilor will not seek another term

Andy Romance wants to spend more time focusing on his family

Payson councilor Andy Romance wanted to demonstrate leadership for his teenage children.

Star Valley establishes right-of-way permits

Any developers hoping to tear up roads in Star Valley have a little less liberty in doing so.

It is important to keep Payson showplace perfect

The pride of Payson, Green Valley Park and its lakes, has gone through some tough times in recent weeks.

Too many dead fish

Friday, Sept. 7 at 4:45 p.m., I was walking my dog around Green Valley #3 Lake, when I realized what I was seeing in the water were hundreds of dead fish.

You are just a blink away

The recent vote to install photo cameras on Highway 260 to control speeding really bothers me. I believe we shouldn't speed and we should abide by the speed limits -- but we also need to have consistent speed limit.

Don't understand letter

I read Ken Volz's recent letter in the Roundup and simply did not get his rant. Let me explain.

Marrs, Thompson to wed

Greg and Rowena Marrs announce the marriage of their daughter Stephanie Marrs to Adam Thompson.

Bond, River to marry

Debbie and Jeff Bond, of Ramah, N.M. announce the engagement of their daughter, Whitney Ina Bond, of Ramah, N.M. to Richard Bryce River of Payson, Ariz.

George Hummel

George Hummel was born Dec. 18, 1914 in Sacalas, Romania, to Elizabeth Besch and Fredrich Hummel.

Thanks for filling your bellies with us

As the summer season comes to a close, we, the Pine Strawberry Firefighters Association, would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people that came out and had breakfast with us.

Our business is education -- scholars program

In the Sept. 11 issue of the Roundup, The stage was set to help prepare our children for their future. The Arizona Academic Scholars Program (AASP) is designed to provide the foundation for each of our children to be successful in the global workplace.

Police offer tips on identifying meth users

The video showed a person constantly moving, stomping his feet and unable to sit still, all signs of a person on crystal methamphetamine.

Rim Country Water working on options

Building a million-gallon water storage tank was one of two options for dealing with Pine and Strawberry water concerns that were presented to a citizens' group Sunday.

Senior Thrift Store seeking furniture and other donations

The Senior Thrift Store is in need of donations of furniture such as love seats, sofas, dressers andining room sets to be sold in their store at 512 W. Main Street.

Students grapple with career path

For many high school students, finding a date or trying to decide what to wear ranks above deciding what to do in life.

Eight teams to line up for PHS invitational

Payson High School first year varsity head coach Chad Gower is elated that Pioneer Title has again agreed to sponsor the Payson Invitational Challenge Tournament.

Longhorns stand atop East region leader board

Longhorn fullback Nick Alexander, a 5-foot, 8-inch, 195-pound senior, has bulled his way to the top of East region's rushing ladder.

Angler catches a 'whopper' of a trout

Glendale angler Paul Hemmert's mid-week fishing trip to Willow Springs Lake is one he won't soon forget.

Girls soccer looks to start a winning streak this week

After notching an important region win in dramatic fashion, the Longhorn girls varsity soccer team hopes to ride its newfound momentum through the weekend tournament.

Talley takes top prize in four-man drive tourney

Keith Talley's links skills earned him prize money and a first place medal at a Payson Men's Golf Association-sponsored four-man select drive drive tournament.

Curtis Johnson now coaching at middle school

Former Lady Longhorn softball coach Curtis Johnson has returned to the sport as head coach of the Rim Country Middle School Maverick eighth-grade team.

Quality bucks taken in early archery season


The early archery deer season in the units along the Mogollon Rim is now history and hopefully you had a chance to be in the woods with your bow in hand.

Firefighters urge residents to develop an escape plan


The Payson Fire Department Reminds Rim Country Residents to "Practice Your Escape Plan."

Helping businesses succeed


Starting Oct. 2, the Town of Payson, in partnership with Gila Community College Small Business Administration, is offering a series of seminars to businesses to help them be successful.

Donald Jay Gilpin

Donald Jay Gilpin, 78, died Sept. 3, 2007. He was a loving Christian, husband, father and grandfather.

Hazel P. McArthur

Hazel P. McArthur, 83, died Aug. 12, 2007 in Glendale, Ariz.

Harley Edward "Ed" Peck

Harley Edward "Ed" Peck, 63, of Payson, died Sept. 14, 2007.

Lowell Parks Styles

Lowell Parks Styles died Sept. 18, 2007 in Payson, Ariz.

Barbara Jean Sweet

Barbara Jean Sweet died Aug. 26, 2007, after a three-year battle with cancer. She was born Dec. 31, 1931 to Charles A. and Dorcas Birgam, in Bartonville, Ill., the youngest of seven children.

Maudelyn (Marge) N. Gildenmeister Keller Whitley

Maudelyn (Marge) N. Gildenmeister Keller Whitley died Sept. 17, 2007 in Cottonwood, Ariz.

Stress management offered at library

A seminar on stress management and "Free Yourself from Energy Thieves" will be presented at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 26 at the Payson Public Library, 328 N. McLane Road.

Redefining 'student-centered' education

If one wonders how Payson High School students are progressing toward graduation or if they are focused for life after high school, just visit the Payson Campus of Gila Community College (GCC) or visit the campus of Payson High School.

Payson Institute will move to new location

The Payson Institute of Learning is moving to new, larger facilities, effective Oct. 1.

Eight community concerts planned

The Tonto Community Concert Association is bringing back old favorites, celebrating the music of the past and introducing new acts in its 29th season.

Prescribed fires planned near Globe-Miami area

Three prescribed fire projects will be conducted through the end of 2007 on the Globe Ranger District, Tonto National Forest.

Black Mesa District begins fall and winter prescribed burn projects

The Black Mesa Ranger District of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests has begun the fall and winter prescribed burning program in areas throughout the district.

Tuesday, September 18

Rounding up the heritage in quilts


The 3rd Annual Rim Country Quilt Roundup will be a Heritage Quilt show. It will take place Oct. 7 and 8.

Movie review: The Nanny Diaries

Not great, but not bad either

Fresh out of college, Annie Braddock (Scarlett Johansson) decides to postpone her entrance into the corporate world after she has been mistakenly assumed to be a nanny by Mrs. X (Laura Linney).

More consideration and courtesy, please


Part of being an adult is acting mature. When something annoys or disappoints you when you are older than about 8, it is no longer an option to burst into tantrum-mode. Adults simply have to grin and bear it.

Artist rebuilds life through multimedia work


In "Thee Beginning" the earth is pristine and pure. "The message in the painting is be aware and honor the Earth," Ann Hunter said.

Violence and rebellion


In 1881, word was spreading about a mystic of the White Mountain tribe who was preaching a radical philosophy at Cibecue and Carrizo. His name was Nock-ay-del-klinne.

Movie review: Becoming Jane

Entertaining, fairly satisfying story

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no matter how many times this opening phrase is used by the staunch admirers of Jane Austen, it never becomes cliché. It should follow that the woman who could compose such a stirring work, beginning at a young age, must have a life as romantic as the books she wrote.

Monday, September 17

Senior Circle brings shred-a-thon to Payson on Sept. 19

In the Sept. 11 edition of the Roundup, it was reported that AARP, in cooperation with the state attorney general's office and the Senior Center in Payson would be sponsoring a Shred-a-Thon on Sept. 19.

Lady Longhorns start road to East title

Following two tournament appearances and six non-region matches, the Lady Longhorns finally have the opportunity to begin pursuit of an East championship and a berth into the 3A state tournament.

September is healthy aging month

September is Healthy Aging Month -- an annual observance designed to focus national attention on the positive aspects of growing older.

Horns, Lobos still tied after double overtime

Although sister kissers are sometimes a fact of prep soccer life, the dead knots leave players and fans from both teams frustrated and irritated.

Council to consider senior center funding cut

The Payson Senior Center may have to scramble for funds to continue current programs if the town council decides to cut funding on Thursday.

Police academy graduates fill Payson spots

Mayor Bob Edwards says academy program is a success

Mayor Bob Edwards was not in favor of the Payson Police Academy when first proposed by former Police Chief, Gordon Gartner.

Patriotism alive and well at Rim Country Middle School

Harmonizing voices of young choir students filled the air with the nations most recognizable patriotic tune.

Citizen tips help police arrest six on drug charges

Acting on tips from the community, Payson Police officers arrested five adults and one juvenile, between Sept. 6 and Sept. 14, on drug charges.

New administrative assistant at the Payson Senior Center


Are you enjoying the warm September afternoons and the lovely, cool nights? Isn't it wonderful to sleep with the windows open, no fan or air conditioning blowing on us, just a gentle breeze drifting through the room?

Fish deaths still a mystery

While the number of fish that have died at Green Valley Park has decreased in the last week, a definitive cause for their deaths is still up in the air.

It is important for everyone to recycle

Ignorance is no longer an option in the battle for Mother Earth.

There have been dead fish before at park

I am a 5-year resident of Payson, and almost daily I walk my dog around the lake at Green Valley Park.

New taxes should be last resort

To me, new taxes are a last resort.

Payson Police to hold second public meeting

The Payson Police Depart-ment will be holding a second open-to-the-public meeting on Sept. 19 at 6 p.m. in the town council chambers at Town Hall.

Ladies solved dog problem

I am not sure where or if you will want to put this in your paper but I think it could be helpful to many people in the community, especially dog owners. And if they have a problem pet, this could make a difference in their quality of life.

Arizona drought; current conditions and forecasts

According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data, drought conditions remain moderate to severe across Arizona, despite an average to above-average summer monsoon season.

Thanks for the medical help

I would like to thank all the people who attended to my recent medical situation.

Take Pride in Strawberry Creek

I have lived in Strawberry for 33 years and in that time I have watched Strawberry Creek go from a beautiful creek to a good start at becoming a landfill.

Payson is not a tourist attraction

Mary Lou Haught is absolutely right. Payson is not now norver has been anything like Sedona. My family first moved to Payson in 1969. We moved thereo have a better environment to raise our sons.

Patronize local businesses

A recent column by Al Poskanzer stated that the additional sales tax being proposed for a new jail facility would cause him to go to Maricopa County to purchase a vehicle.Let's look at this.

Merchant favors new county complex

As a Main Street merchant, I am completely in favor of the new county complex as the gateway to Main Street.

Football state championship to be played at Arizona Stadium

Take heart University of Arizona Wildcat football fans, there will be some fine football played on the Tucson campus this season.

Counseling services expand 'voice and choice'

Horizon Human Services has been providing for clients in the Rim Country since 1996. It started with vocational rehabilitation for the developmentally disabled. In 2003 it added day services for this special population. Now, it is working with Cempatico Behavioral Health Services of Arizona to provide mental health counseling for all residents.

Edward Jones adviser has Tuesday investment talk

Scott Flake, a local Edward Jones financial adviser, announced today that he will be hosting an investment talk at 10 a.m. Tuesdays at his office at 411 S. Beeline Highway, Suite B, in Payson.

Historic school building use still undecided

The best use of the rock building at Julia Randall Elementary School is relatively uncertain right now.

Town may partner with county for recycling

Not much is going to change for the average recycler in the upcoming year.

New postmaster

Michael Ridgway is sworn in as Payson's new postmaster by Nancy Hertel, who is the manager for postal operations for this part of Arizona.

Reinventing the drive-in, parks and rec style

Payson families can grab their lawn chairs and blankets for an end of summer movie, shown on a 14 by 23-foot screen, at Green Valley Park.

Payson senior eager to test running skills against East Region's best

It's easy to see Lana Cluff is dedicated to the running sports after watching her cross a finish line fatigued, exhausted and gasping for air.

Box dinner auction is for community picnic

Get ready to party on Main Street, Thursday evening, Oct. 4.

A day of solace shadowed

Saturday was to be a day of special solace for the family of Maj. Troy Gilbert. The Rim Country women of the DPS Quilt Angels of the Arizona Quilters Guild delivered six quilts to Gilbert's widow, Ginger and their five children.

Passing game showcased in Chino Valley win

If Payson's 29-6 victory over homestanding Chino Valley was televised, it might have been called "The Ridge Halenar Show."

Thursday, September 13

Foster training available

HAFTO (Helping Adoptive and Foster families Together) is sponsoring a training to assist foster, adoptive and relative/kinship placement parents.

Canyon Lake will be drawn down

Boaters, campers and passengers of the Dolly Steamboat will face restrictions this fall and winter when Canyon Lake becomes the second Salt River reservoir in two years to be drawn down for scheduled maintenance work at Mormon Flat and Horse Mesa dams.

Star Valley to facilitate county water coalition

Committee will include 12 members

Star Valley seems to be heading the charge for a regional water solution.

Think about more apartment complexes

A couple of days ago, I was thinking about how there are only about three low-income housing apartments. I think the Town of Payson should start thinking about the families with children who don't have a place to live.

Samantha Kay Petefish

Samantha Kay Petefish was born at Payson Regional Medical Center to parents Mark and Debbie Petefish on Aug. 9, 2007 at 9:12 a.m.

Vision for school buildings $4 million too high

Initial estimate of reworking Rim Country Middle School buildings over budget

An additional $4 million needs to be found to accomplish the re-construction the district wants done at Rim Country Middle School.

Blanche Frasier Darrah

Blanche Frasier Darrah, 97, died Sept. 6, 2007 at her home in Payson.

New inspector eager to join small-town life

The freshest face in Rim Country has been prepared for life north of the Valley for years. Star Valley's new Building Inspector Joe Janusz began work on Sept. 5.

Occupants of home held at gunpoint

Argument leads to threats against five residents of home

A 25-year-old man is being held in jail after an argument Saturday morning that led to five people, including two juveniles, being held against their will in their own home.

Young athletes compete in NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competition

With dreams of possibly advancing to the national NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass and Kick finals, Rim Country youths line up Sept. 7 on Longhorn baseball field to compete in the Payson area championships.

Safer road will mean travel delays

Complain to Dave Goddard about the long waits at the Beeline-Bush Highway intersection and you probably won't get much sympathy.

Chamber slight, county endorsement angers businessman

The Chamber of Commerce is in some hot water regarding its proclamation in support of the justice facilities on Main Street.

P&Z approves conditional-use permit for hotel, convention center

The vision of a 150-room Hilton hotel with a two-story restaurant and a 6,000 square-foot convention center moved one step closer to reality on Monday.

Honoring freedom

Members of the Payson American Legion held a Watchfire for 12 hours on the evening of Sept. 11.

Thanks for cleaning greenbelt

Payson North Unit V Homeowners Association would like to extend a big thank you to Virginia Conrad and her family for cleaning a large section of greenbelt behind her home.

As much as things change, they stay the same!

Payson is not Sedona and hopefully its leadershipill realize that Payson's culture, heritage and potential as a tourism destination are quite different and deserve to be developed in its own unique way.

Mud on the wall

Hopefully, voters in Gila County will not take at face value comments being made by those opposed to the referendums to improve public safety facilities in Globe and Payson (or for that matter, people in favor of it). Instead they will ask themselves, "who the heck is this person(s) making these statements and what do they know about what they are saying?"

Payson has never been a tourist town

As long as I have lived in Payson (50 years), Payson has never been a tourist town. There has never been anything here to keep people coming back to stay for any length of time.

Tree trimmer

When a ladder won't work, there are other options.

Manuel Enrique Flores Verdugo

Manuel Enrique Flores Verdugo was born at Payson Regional Medical Center to parents Enrique and Gloria on Aug. 22, 2007 at 8:14 a.m.

Jorge Adrian Villela Nevarez

Jorge Adrian Villela Nevarez was born at Payson Regional Medical Center to parents Jorge and Reyna on Aug. 30, 2007 at 5:24 p.m.

Mistie Marie Stark

Mistie Marie Stark was born at Payson Regional Medical Center to Autumn on Aug. 24, 2007 at 9:07 a.m.

Enrique Gonzales III

Enrique Gonzales III was born at Payson Regional Medical Center to parents Rick and Softfawn on Aug. 17, 2007 at 5:14 a.m.

Caleb Jordan Nichols

Caleb Jordan Nichols was born at Payson Regional Medical Center to parents Jordan and Autum on Sept. 5, 2007 at 7:12 p.m.

Pettets celebrate 50 years together

Ted and Lillian Pettet married Aug. 31, 1957 in Phoenix, Ariz.

Richard L. Dugger Sr.

Richard L. Dugger Sr. was warm, generous and funny. He was born in Oklahoma in 1923.

Gary H. Galligan

Gary H. Galligan, 52, of Payson, Ariz., and formerly of Loves Park, Ill. died Saturday, Sept. 8, 2007. He fought the complications of Gulf War Syndrome for many years. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Claudia Mary (Phillips) Hyer

Claudia Mary (Phillips) Hyer, 81, died Aug. 28, 2007 in Chandler.

Robert L. Nelson

Robert L. Nelson was a devoted husband, father, ‘papa,' brother, uncle and friend.

Flying the colors

Members of the Payson Fire Department extended a ladder from a fire truck out over Main Street on Sept. 11.

Cleaning up

The Kiwanis middle school Builders Club spent Saturday morning cleaning up the Water Wheel campgrounds for their monthly community service project.

Old-time fiddlers contest comes to Payson

The sound of old-time fiddle music will once again echo through the Pines of Payson on Sept. 29 and 30.

Sportsmen groups want different land management

A coalition of Arizona's wildlife and sportsmen/women groups today called for better management of public lands.

Stephenson receives school alumnus honor

Gila Community College board member Larry Stephenson, Ph.D. recently received Wenatchee Valley College's Distinguished Alumnus of the Year award during their 2007 commencement exercises.

PHS grad earns police scholarship

The International Police Association, IPA region 61, Northern Arizona has awarded its first annual $500 scholarship to Katie Dyer, a 2007 graduate of PHS.

Gila college senior dean to retire at year's end

Margo Bracamonte career spans 30 years

Gila Community College Senior Dean Margo Bracamonte will retire from her position, effective Dec. 31. Bracamonte's career spans 30 years.

Girls soccer team looks to rebound from tough loss

Both the JV and varsity girls soccer squads found out firsthand how bludgeoning Blue Ridge can be.

Super couple fishing teams out to win a new boat at Roosevelt tourney


The All-Star Super Couples Championship is up for grabs on Sept. 21 and 22 at Roosevelt Lake and a new bass boat is on the line.

Pre-registration starting for fall classic trout tourney

Anglers will be battling for prizes, trophies and bragging rights at the 8th Annual Willow Springs Fall Classic Trout Tournament.

No ranking for Horn football team, yet

Longhorn football fans are grinding their teeth that the PHS team is not yet state-ranked.

Scouting fun

Mason Standifird and Connor Anderson practice their archery aim during the Scout-O-Rama last Saturday at Green Valley Park.

What's up?

Q: Where has Integrity Arts International Art Gallery relocated to?

Careful scrutiny by school board will aid project

It is good thing the Payson school district is examining all possible options when it comes to spending $33 million in taxpayers' money.

Mechanical simplicity -- high style


Wilma Hitterman took up quilting when she retired from teaching in 2004. She also started collecting treadle sewing machines at the same time.

PHS grad has eyes wide open on Third World


Changing the world is a hands-on process for Sara Schmidt.

Middle school student plays in golf challenge

Turn the television to the Golf Channel on turkey day and you might catch a glimpse of a Rim Country Middle School seventh-grader heating up the country club links.

Coach goes against old school Friday

Payson High School second-year coach Josh Anderson is facing a gridiron challenge sure to stir his emotions.

Co-op gallery heads into second year

The 16 artists currently in cooperation at Artists of the Rim Gallery have signed their second year's lease and are getting ready to celebrate.

Mature animals make great pets


In the Adoption Options column a couple weeks ago we talked about our teenagers. Thankfully, at least one of them found a home after the article ran. Today, we'll move to the other end of the spectrum and talk about some of our older residents.

Church briefs

The women of Payson are invited to hear Marga Cullumber speak from 9 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Sept. 15 at the Crossroads Church, 114 E. Cedar Lane, Payson.

Hardwood athletes out to perfect skills

Ask a foursome of Payson High School athletes what their favorite sport is and they will probably reply basketball is great stuff.

Optimist Club cooking for high school rodeo

If you enjoyed the Johnsonville Brats, Ball Park Franks and hamburgers cooked by the Rim Country Optimist Club during the Gila County Fair, then you are in for a treat.

Wilkinson, Stevens to marry

Sherri Wilkinson and Shane Stevens will marry at 4 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 22 at 205 S. Tonto Street.

Price, Harris married

Donna Price and Woody Harris were married in an evening ceremony Saturday, Sept. 8 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Payson, Ariz. Stake Center.

Doggie Day at Northern Gila County Fair was popular with pet owners


A good time was had by all, hopefully, at the Doggie Fun Day, in connection with the Northern Gila County Fair last Saturday.

Even the rain didn't miss the flatlander party


Tuesday night around 50 Christopher Creek residents headed for Creekside's empty lot next to the restaurant for the 29th Annual Flatlanders Party, loaded up with chairs, coolers and their favorite potluck to share. Can you believe this Party has been going on for 29 years?

Autumn Dawn Frost

Autumn Dawn Frost was born at Payson Regional Medical Center to parents Johnny and Candice on Aug. 15, 2007 at 12:01 p.m.

Old-time fiddlers playing at Pine Community Center


Come enjoy some great music in air-conditioned comfort. The Old-Time Fiddlers will be playing in the Cultural Hall at the Pine Community Center at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19.

Hail, rain leaves car dents, visibility was almost zero


On Tuesday afternoon, the area was hit by a hail and rainstorm.

Does IPO spell investment success


If you've ever spent any time among investors, you're bound to have heard someone say: "If only I had gotten in on the ground floor of Company A (or Company B or Company C)."

Sometimes the moral of a story is not obvious


I've mentioned before that three of my 21 years in the Air Force were spent as a drill instructor.

Tuesday, September 11

Enjoying the honors of age


It's official. I can now be accurately defined as Septuagenarian. Actually, the line was crossed some time ago, but I am only now acknowledging it.

Movie reviews: Balls of Fury


When you think of all the movies that have lit up the silver screen over the years, you might assume pretty much everything related to sports competition has been covered, major and minor. But I believe "Balls of Fury" may be the first to use table tennis as its backdrop theme.

Fossil Creek a big splash with intrepid hikers


Fossil Creek is a lush, riparian wilderness at the bottom of a canyon in the Coconino National Forest.

Books about Rim Country history


One of the questions that I often get asked is: What are some good books about Rim Country history? The great thing is that there are a number of books -- some easier to find than others. Today I'm going to my bookshelf and sharing some of the books that I have on my shelf and that you may want to have on yours too.

Healthy eating: Branch out with experimentation and adventure


It is a beautiful day! Let's all begin our day by thanking the Creator for this amazing world we live in and all His blessings.

Monday, September 10

Student gets firsthand culinary experience

Payson High School sophomore Justin Richardson recently acquired hands-on culinary art experience by volunteering to work at a Shamrock Foods fair.

Mildred Maxine Ward

Mildred Maxine Ward, 94, died Sept. 4, 2007 in Payson.

What's up?

Q: What happened to the abandoned horse found in the forest in August?

Police identify two people who died in crash

Two people who died Labor Day in a single car accident on State Route 87 just outside Payson have been identified.

It took two hours to crunch all the cars but one

Mickey Reetz earns derby title

The event had all the trappings of an August Doin's rodeo.

Ranching hall of fame seeks nominations

The newly created Arizona Farming -- Ranching Hall of Fame is seeking nominations of pioneers in the agricultural industry who have created an enduring legacy for future generations.

Good luck, Fred Carpenter

As everyone surely knows by now, Fred Carpenter has resigned. His last day as town manager of Payson is Sept. 28.

CIC honors Payson man

A leading insurance professional organization recently recognized C. Scott Crabdree, CIC, of Crabdree Insurance & Financial Services Inc., Payson, for dedication and ongoing leadership in the insurance industry.

Thanks to the Pro Rodeo Committee -- again

Many thanks to the Pro Rodeo Committee and all those contestants and spectators who were "Tough Enough to Wear Pink"t the Spring Rodeo again this year.

To build or not to build is the question

I have been trying to collect facts and figures surrounding the proposed new judicial and jail facilities, under consideration by the Gila County Supervisors. These are the proposed capital outlays, as I understand them:

Animal abuse is a problem

I know I've used more than my fair share of ink on the Roundup's opinion page, but I'd like to respond to the two women who wrote in the Aug. 4 issue.

Father, son wear same jersey number

Watching the Longhorn football team play its past two home games, I noticed that junior running back Nick Goodman wears the same jersey No. 3 that his father, Ty, donned during his playing days from 1982-1986.

Aerial attack pushes Longhorns to 48-7 win

Ridge Halenar completes six of seven passes for 114 yards

Remember the elusive passing attack the Longhorns were scrambling for to supplement their vaunted ground game?

Cowboys cook up Old West mystery

Beer, Brats, Wine and Cheese at the Rim Country Museum kick off the ticketed events at the 125th Anniversary of Payson celebration.

Not just a golf tournament

We are writing to express our great appreciation to Pioneer Title Company for their Annual 10th and 11th Golf Tournament.

Sanctuary cities are not helping the problem

Authorities in Essex County, New Jersey, recently identified a man named Jose Carranza as a principal suspect in the murder of three young people in Newark on Aug. 4. The victims were forced to kneel against a wall and then shot in the back of the head. Carranza, a Peruvian national, is an illegal alien.

Our business is education teamwork

For more than 30 years there has been a decline in the qualifications that prospective employees bring to the workplace. The business community has voiced its concern with the work ethic of high school graduates throughout America and Payson is no exception; but maybe it could be.

One Longhorn runner finishes in top 10

Ian Harvey's local debut as the Payson High School cross-country coach probably wasn't the stellar performance he was looking for.

Robert Fred Cuthbertson

Robert Fred Cuthbertson died Sept. 3, 2007. He was born Dec. 15, 1929 in Phoenix, Ariz., the only child of Fred Archibald and Mary Catherine Crowell Cuthbertson.

Robert Bryce McPhaden

Robert Bryce McPhaden died Sept. 7, 2007. He was born Feb. 22, 1922 in El Sereno, Calif. to Vernon B. and Nina Anthony McPhaden.

Shred-a-thon comes to Payson Sept. 19

A document shredder is coming to the Rim Country and anyone who has personal documents they need to dispose of can shred their worries away.

Woman honored by health care industry

Krystal Klabbatz started work at Payson Care Center before finishing high school. Now, a brief nine years later, the Arizona Health Care Association has named her the state's professional of the year.

Play's real-life problems challenge PHS students

A student and actor involved in the newest Payson High School drama production said real-life issues and conflicts, such as drug abuse and how teens and parents cope with them, have presented the actors with challenges in their performances.

Mark Robert Phillips

Mark Robert Phillips died Sept. 6, 2007.

New owner of Oxbow Saloon wants input on future of business

The historic Oxbow Saloon has once again had a change in owners.

Business tax workshops set at GCC

A series of workshops on business taxes will be presented by the Arizona Department of Revenue in Payson this month.

New GCC Payson campus dean named

California community college educator is board's choice

The Gila County Community College District Governing board has made its choice for the new dean of the Payson campus.

Senior Center menu

Sept. 17: Baked chicken, Japanese vegetables, baked potato, fresh berries, seven-grain roll

Veterans honor Sept. 11 victims

Red, white and blue contrasted sharply with the bright cloudless sky, as the flag those colors defined was lowered, raised, lowered again and left at half-staff.

Learning about arthritis and its many forms

As most middle-aged men and women would attest, an aging body is one that experiences more than a few changes. Among the more common changes are a decrease in vision or hearing and a reduction in how much exercise the body can take.

David Leonard Boomer

David Leonard Boomer died Sept. 2, 2007, in Payson. He was born Jan. 20, 1910 in Manchester, Mich. to George and Emma Boomer.

Forest Lakes get fed grant

U.S. Rep. Rick Renzi (AZ-01) announced today that the Forest Lakes Volunteer Fire Department will be receiving a federal grant of $69,635 to enhance the fire department's ability to respond to fire and fire-related hazards.

Schools have half-day

Payson Unified School District will observe a half-day in-service Wednesday, Sept. 19.

Volunteer soccer coach has big goals

Juan Valdez is taking his best shot at improving the skill level of soccer-loving youngsters.

Longhorn soccer team to challenge Blue Ridge

Sporting a 5-2 record, the Longhorn boys soccer team travels tomorrow, Wednesday, to Lakeside to challenge longtime rival Blue Ridge.

Bacteria suspected in fish kill

Several thousand dead crappie can cause health hazard

A pungent odor and thousands of floating fish carcasses aren't exactly the ambiance Green Valley Park is going for. Parks and Recreation Director Rick Manchester said a type of bacteria found in an as yet unknown species of algae is depleting the oxygen in the lake and is most likely the guilty party in the death of thousands of fish since Labor Day weekend.

Fair delights all-comers

People came from the Valley, Winslow and as far away as San Diego, Calif. to delight in the offerings at the 2007 Northern Gila County Fair.

Thursday, September 6

Trudy C. Wilson

Trudy C. Wilson, 83, of Phoenix died Sept. 5, 2007. She was born in Los Angeles, Calif.

Janet E. Ashby-Jackson-Gatliff

Janet E. Ashby-Jackson-Gatliff was born in Phoenix Jan. 3, 1934.

Checking on heroes almost cost me a job

My youthful fascination with the New York Yankees and catcher Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle almost cost me a job.

Blue Ridge tough rival for Lady Longhorns

If play in the Payson Invitational is any indication of the intensity of the upcoming East region volleyball title chase, the Lady Longhorns will have their hooves full when they meet rival Blue Ridge.

Wild pigs

The Northern Gila County Fair got into a full swing Thursday with animals being weighed in and entries judged.

Arts, crafts fair a big hit

The smell of cotton candy wafting past your nostrils, eating homemade ice cream, a mom and her daughter strolling along, looking at what could very well be their next family heirloom.

Wakefields wed

Chris and Heather Wakefield would like to thank all of their family and friends who attended their wedding Aug. 25, 2007 on WindanSea Beach, La Jolla, Calif.

Landon Seth Parton

Landon Seth Parton was born at Payson Regional Medical Center to parents Warren and Kristy Parton on Aug. 17, 2007 at 6:33 p.m.

Herrera, Brownlee engaged

Mari Heisler-Reyes and Jaime Reyes, along with Randy and Sydney Herrera, are excited to announce the engagement of their daughter, Ashli Herrera to Levi Brownlee, son of Bill and Terrea Lea Brownlee.

A memory of Micki

We recently lost our little gray Micki girl. She was our four-legged Shihtzu-poodle mix A.K.A. shihtpoo.

Humane Society needs new shelter

Most of us have favorite charities that we faithfully support, always hoping that the money we send will truly be used for what is needed. Our Humane shelter here is desperately in need of a new shelter and many in Payson donate faithfully to keep it running.

Rim has popular trout fishing streams


The Mogollon Rim has a number of springs that create some popular trout waters for stream fishermen. These waters are refreshing getaways for Valley residents trying to escape the summer heat.

Church briefs

The Payson Church of Christ, 401 E. Tyler Parkway (turn east on the roundabout), would like to invite the public to come and join the congregation in an old-fashioned gospel singing at 3 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 8. Enjoy refreshments and great fellowship following the singing.

Spelling Bee 2008 fee will be reimbursed

Earlier this month, information regarding the "2008 Spelling Bee" was released from Bobbie O'Boyle, the state spelling bee coordinator and executive director of the Arizona Education Foundation.

Town manager quits

Mayor says there is no truth to rumor that town manager was forced out

Fred Carpenter, Payson's town manager since August 2002, resigned at last night's council meeting.

Shred-a-thon comes to Payson

A document shredder is coming to the Rim Country and anyone who has personal documents they need to dispose of can shred their worries away.

Search and Rescue's raffle and calls are successful

K. Quanimptewa of Hotevilla, Ariz. is going on a trip courtesy of Tonto Rim Search and Rescue's summer raffle. He won a $1,500 travel voucher with Cruise Holidays.

Get ready to make history with chili


Traffic on Highway 87 last Friday certainly brought some media attention to the Rim Country, although not the kind we might like.

Opportunities abound to help humane society

As always, there are many animals at PHS. And so there is a never-ending need to keep funds coming in to support these animals, as well as raise the money needed to build our new facility.

125 Years of Payson history, as told by storytellers

The colorful past of the 125-year-old town of Payson will come alive on Saturday, Oct. 6. A timeline parade is part of the 125th anniversary celebration of the town.

Nationally known quilter, teacher shares secrets


Quilting can be fine art, it can be utilitarian and it can be quick and fun.

A serious case of council commitment


Dorothy Ehrig is the Cal Ripken Jr. of town council meetings.

Pine quilting partners are a winning pair

Debbie Stanton and Monika Hancock of Pine have worked together on several quilts over the years. Last year, the two teamed up on their first quilt for competition and premiered it at the Rim Country Quilt Roundup in October.

Wild horse and burro adoptions in September and October

Would your family like the addition of a wild horse or burro?

Humane Society looks for members

The Friends of the Payson Humane Society will hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 5:30 p.m., at Tiny's restaurant.

Points to consider when breeding dogs


A recent conversation with Jane Burlison, an Australian shepherd/Border collie rescue volunteer, brought up the tremendous problem this year with pet overpopulation.

Chapel acts as community center


The biggest and one of the longest holidays is now behind us. Labor Day weekend was very successful for Tonto Village.

Women must plan extra carefully for retirement


If you are a woman, you have to be actively involved in your financial preparations for retirement -- and that's true whether you're single or married.

We each see the world through a different pair of eyes


Back when I was teaching other people how to teach, I ran across something that turned out to be one of the greatest discoveries of my life.

American Legion Watchfire remembers Sept. 11

On the morning of Sept. 11, a short ceremony will be held at the American Legion, commencing at 9 a.m. with the lowering of the flag, a prayer and the playing of "Taps" will take place, marking the approximate times the four attacks took place.

Area boys invited to Saturday rocket launch

Scout-O-Rama is Saturday at Green Valley Park

Summer is ending and scouting is in the air over the Rim Country.

Photo radar coming to the Rim, ready or not

System will help slow down traffic on Highway 260

Mayor Chuck Heron's signature last week made it official--Star Valley will have a photo radar enforcement system in operation within the next two months.

$400K grant for fuels reduction


Labor Day is over and it is feeling like autumn -- the end to another beautiful summer here in the Rim Country.

Superintendent of PUSD is guest speaker

Casey O'Brien, superintendent of the Payson Unified School District, will present a program on "What's New at PUSD" to the monthly meeting of the Democratic Women Rim Country.

Diesel Eric Santana

Diesel Eric Santana was born at Payson Regional Medical Center to parents Eric and Jahna on Aug. 15, 2007 at 12:04 p.m.

Zumbro, Orozco engaged

Brenna Zumbro and Michael Orozco, both graduates of Payson High School, will be married July 12, 2008 in Newport Beach, Calif.

New parks, rec coordinator provides fresh attitude

The Parks and Recreation Department has added more youth and vitality to its ranks with a recent hiring.

Pellet gun leads to school lockdown

Quick-thinking students defuse potentially dangerous situation

A potentially volatile situation came to an anticlimactic end, in great part due to the actions of alert students, at Payson Elementary School Wednesday. Around lunchtime, students went to school administrators and said they had seen a man carrying a gun and riding a bicycle back and forth near the playground of the school.

Archery champs

Terri deNatale won the women's 50-plus barebow recurve title at the Arizona State Archery championships held Sept. 2 at the Jim Jones range. deNatale is coached by her sister Rebecca Nelson Harris (left).

Gophers looking for 3A breakthrough

At Florence High School, where the student enrollment is growing in record numbers, coach Shawn Cluff and his Gopher football players are finding gridiron life in the 3A conference to be a tough row to hoe.

Payson fire department receives grant for equipment

Horizon Insurance Group and Fireman's Fund Insurance Company have given the Payson Fire Department a $8,647 grant to purchase firefighting gear and equipment.

American Legion, Patriotic Committee to remember 9/11

The Town of Payson and the Payson Patriotic Events Committee will be observing Patriot Day on Tuesday, Sept. 11, in remembrance of those who perished when the World Trade Center and those Americans who answered the call to assist in the horrific fallout of that event.

Jean L. Holtzen

Jean L. Holtzen, 84, of Strawberry, was born in Sioux City, Iowa, Dec. 31, 1922, and died Sept. 3, 2007.

You get what you pay for

Recently, an East Valley newspaper in Maricopa County ran an editorial concerning the Arizona Tax Revolt. The chairman of the organization, Marc Goldstone, has introduced initiatives that will change the Arizona Constitution and affect funding for special districts.

Say no to Eminent Domain on Main Street

On my father's deathbed, he warned me of the perils of "Eminent Domain."

We can't forget Sept. 11

Lest we forget -- almost three thousand of our citizens casually left for work on that fateful morning and perished in the terrorist attack.

Proud to be a member of the Tonto Rim Search and Rescue

After one of several rescue missions down in Fossil Creek, Bill Pitterle thanked me for coming...nd it caught me a little by surprise. I didn't know what to say. While driving home at 1:30 a.m. in the morning I was thinking about how I felt and finally realized what I wanted to say in return.

Accident should ignite bypass or truck route debate

The recent Labor Day traffic debacle here in Payson should once again ignite the debate over a "bypass" or "alternative truck route" from Phoenix to points east of here.

Accident is jolting reminder of need to be careful

Aseported on the front page of a recent edition of the Roundup, the deaths of two occupants of a truck driven south of Payson on Labor Day morning was tragic.

Rim Country Chamber endorses, supports county criminal justice facilities plan

The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce has given its endorsement and support of the new Gila County Criminal Justice Facilities, including the General Obligation Bond (Secondary Property Tax), the 1/2 cent sales tax proposal, and the proposed location of the Payson facility.

Citizens for Fair Taxation opposed to proposed sales tax increase

Our committee, Citizens for Fair Taxation, agrees whole-heartedly that new county facilities are needed in Payson and the facilities in Globe need to be upgraded. However, we are opposed to a sales tax increase and the site proposed for the Payson facilities.

Field of dope destroyed, nine people arrested

Seized plants had a street value of more than $7 million

Fields of dope went up in smoke and nine Mexican nationals suspected of tending the illegal gardens were arrested during two raids conducted by local drug agents.

Photo radar deserves a try

The first attempt at using photo radar in the Rim Country will be up and running within two months in Star Valley.

Dealer's choice format used by PWGA

Dealer's choice and interclub tournament play were the names of the games for the Payson Women's and the Payson Men's Golf Associations.

Tourney will benefit school campuses

If Russ Youngcourt and Dan Dillon have their way, Payson public school campuses could soon become more eye appealing.

Tuesday, September 4

53rd Annual Northern Gila County Fair includes carnival


Celebrate summer and welcome fall and have a great time at the Northern Gila County Fair.

Great trains of yesteryear


Today, when we travel a great distance within the United States, we hop on a plane and get to our destination in a few hours. There was a time, however, when air travel was considered less safe than ground travel, so we usually took the train.

The Tontos' long march


Many of America's native tribes had their "trail of tears" -- a long march forced upon them as they were moved from one territory or another by White armies. The Tontos and Yavapai were no exception.

Movie reviews: 'Stardust'

In this fantasy movie (based on the Neil Gaiman book) we have a 19th century English village called Wall which derives its name because there is a literal stone wall which separates it from the supernatural world of Stromhold on the other side.

Artist and animal lover mixes her passions


Marcia Buckpitt has spent much of her long career combining two of her favorite things -- animals and painting.

Poetry Corner

Rim Review columnist Noble Collins received third place overall in the Artists Embassy International "Dancing Poetry" contest for "Bird Girl of Savannah." He will read the poem live onstage at their event this fall in San Francisco, Calif.

Monday, September 3

Cooperation, action needed on town plans

The last several years have brought much talk and little action to the Payson tourism development table.

Mule deer poacher sought by game officials

Just when it seems the animal cruelty criminal charges Michael Vick admitted to are about as despicable as any acts possible, along comes news of another brutality.

Stingy defense, plus big rushing game, equals 21-3 win

Rock-solid defense and 224 yards rushing from senior fullback Nick Alexander lifted the Longhorns to a 21-3 non-region victory over the Winslow Bulldogs.

Two die in Highway 87 accident

Two people died Labor Day in a single-car accident on Highway 87, just outside Payson.

Payson team sets land-speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats

Nine friends, all over 60, build record-setting roadster

Fueled by adrenaline and dreaming of speed, a Payson senior citizen has set a land speed record at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats.

Beaver Valley Day

Rick Werner, of Payson, shows off several magazines which have featured his 1956 Volkswagen to Beaver Valley Day visitors Saturday.

LaVar Taylor

LaVar Taylor died Aug. 25, 2007 in Payson, Ariz. He was born to Jesse E. and Eva Hoopes Taylor on Jan. 9, 1935 in Safford, Ariz.

Aerospace careers involve more than flying

The sky is not the limit to aerospace careers available to the young men and women in the Civil Air Patrol Cadets.

Sisters share path to ribbons

Northern Gila County Fair starts this week

Sisters Bethany and Sarah Sprinkle are among the 4-H and FFA members who will have their animals auctioned at the fair.

Existing-home sales reported stable in July

Existing-home sales were essentially unchanged in July, with increases in the West and Northeast offset by a decline in the Midwest, a report from the National Association of Realtors says.

Mother's comforting touch drew woman to skin care

Taking care of people is important to Jennifer Hagen. It is a gift she learned from her mother.

Mastering gardening in the Arizona highlands

Landscaping and gardening in the unique environments found throughout the highlands of Arizona can challenge even the savviest of green thumbs.

Good times

Visitor Wayne Acciacca was pitchin' horseshoes at the East Verde Estate Clubhouse in preparation for the competition Saturday.

Story is wrong about horses being sent to slaughter

Carol La Valley is wrong about unwanted, sick, old horses being sent off to slaughter ("Horse abandonment becoming a bigger problem," Aug. 29). The foreign delicacy of horsemeat isn't composed of the flesh of old horses. Sick, elderly horses don't carry the fresh taste foreign gourmands seek in expensive horse meat.

Transplants don't want to change Payson

I am one of those Californians who the writer of the sitefeedback comment in the Aug. 28th issue was referring to. Please let me set the record straight for this writer.

Payson police do a great job

As a regular reader of the editorial page, I'm extremely tired of writers blasting Payson's Police Department, and bullying a group of people with family members on their minds.

Taking puppy out of harm's way was a good thing

Mr. Thompson, I highly commend you for taking that puppy out of harm's way. I would most certainly have done the same thing. If I was arrested for ‘stealing' ... well, so be it.

Henning trio jazzes up September concert

The Payson Friends of Jazz are bringing The Dave Henning Trio to perform at the concert Sept. 9.

Merchants Guild lends support to jail proposal

The Main Street Merchants Guild and the Town's Green Valley Redevelopment/Main Street Committee (GVRA) have passed motions unanimously supporting the Gila County plan for an expanded Justice and Administrative Center on Main Street in Payson.

First Friday now a year-round event

Foot traffic doubled at the August First Friday Art and Antiques Walk, up and down Payson's Main Street.

Senior center schedules two raffles


September is such a welcoming month, with its promise of cooler weather, shorter days, plenty of sunshine and -- football! Among Americans, 43 percent of us say that football is our favorite sport, and when it comes to televised events, it is an overwhelming favorite.

Loss tells Lady Horn coach more diverse attack needed

Although close, hard-fought defeats are often tough to absorb, Lady Longhorn coach Arnold Stonebrink views a 3-2 loss to Florence as a possible team builder.

Recycle plan topic of Payson council

Payson's lack of a viable recycling plan will be a topic addressed by a new task force at Thursday night's council meeting.

Lady Longhorns take third at tourney

A third-place finish in the Payson Invitational has coach Arnold Stonebrink doing cartwheels.

Silk and sparkle at art reception

The silk will be unfurled and Down the Street Gallery will sparkle when artists, Helen Tennent and Patricia Allebrand, take center stage at their Sept. 7 reception.

New sales associate joins Prudential

After an extensive career in the corporate world, Jenny McGee realized her love of real estate. She is now a sales associate at Prudential Arizona Properties.