Mother's Comforting Touch Drew Woman To Skin Care


Taking care of people is important to Jennifer Hagen. It is a gift she learned from her mother.

"My mother was a nurse and whenever any of use were sick, she'd put a cold compress on our head and sit with us and show us such tender, loving care," Hagen said. It was such a nurturing and rewarding experience to receive that kind of care; Hagen decided she wanted to share it with others.


Jennifer Hagen has held her esthetician's license for 25 years, but only recently made the move into a shop of her own on Main Street.

At first, she studied nutrition at the University of Hawaii, but married before earning her degree.

"What I learned plays a role in what I give my clients," she said, though she does not provide any nutritional counseling.

One of her older sisters became an esthetician and drew her into the field. While she has had her license for 25 years, most of her work has been just for family and friends in her home. Raising her daughters, she was also very active in the schools, both as a volunteer and working as a teacher's aide.

It has only been in the last five years that Hagen has been using her skills on a more commercial basis. She started by providing permanent makeup and began searching for the skin care line she wanted to provide.

"My sister uses a line from France," she said.

Hagen investigated both her sister's line and a set of products from Italy and then found Éminence, a handmade, organic skin care line from Hungary. It is also rich in natural, anti-aging ingredients. She uses the products exclusively in her salon and also sells them to clients.

At the salon, Hagen provides both basic and European facials, back facials, waxing, tints brows and lashes, removes skin tags and moles, and offers perm eyelashes and permanent makeup.

"A basic facial takes about 50 minutes. I cleanse and exfoliate the skin, use hot towels for a steam treatment, deep clean the pores, apply a tonique (a toner), masque, moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm and a mineral-based powdered sunscreen."

The European facial takes about 75 minutes and includes the same treatments as the basic facial, with the addition of serums and/or specialty oils and other extras.

"I relax the client with a neck and hand massage," Hagen said.

A back facial is much the same as a regular facial, she said. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, deep pore cleansing, a masque and moisturizer.

"Before I do anything with a client, we determine their skin type," she said. The Éminence line includes specialized products for the different skin types and various skin conditions, including acne and rosacea.

Once she has given a client a facial, she provides information for maintaining a healthy complexion. The daily regime she recommends for morning and night: cleanse, tone, treat (as needed), moisturize, do eye care treatment and protect from sun damage. On a weekly basis, skin needs exfoliation and a masque treatment, followed by a toner, serum/treatment and moisturizer.

Hagen's line also includes bathing products and body lotions.

Jennifer's Skin Care is at 602 W. Main Street (around the back). For more information or to make an appointment, call (928) 472-7390 or (928) 978-1749.

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