Payson Police Do A Great Job



As a regular reader of the editorial page, I'm extremely tired of writers blasting Payson's Police Department, and bullying a group of people with family members on their minds.

First, the police department. These fine men and women go about their business in a brave and professional manner. They're skilled in what they do, yet human and still make mistakes.

Secondly, you have a group of people standing in line at a money-wiring service. What are they doing wrong? They have family members and loved ones on their minds. Is that some sort of a crime?

Has the writer (whining about police response in the Aug. 31st issue) ever taken a seat inside a police car as a volunteer? Is he aware of the challenge and split-second decisions these brave people must perform on a 24/7 basis? Has he ever been involved in an accident, and had to wait for them to show up?

Has Mr. Thompson ever traveled abroad to a Third World country? Has he ever been to Iraq? Does he have any inkling as to why people are being attracted to this wonderful country, and in the multitudes that they are?

Let's stop the "mass hysteria" epidemic going on in Payson now! Count your darn blessings!!! Go out on the porch and eat watermelon with the kids.

I double-dare anybody to shake the hand of a law enforcement officer for a job well done, or pat an immigrant on the back for struggling to be an American.

We're all living within a society of change, a "big, bad melting pot"for us all. Let's make the best of the situation. Be more tolerant of the person standing in line at the local Safeway, and the police officer answering the endless calls for help.

And... tomorrow will be a brighter day, because you made it that way.

Larry Carreau

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