Silk And Sparkle At Art Reception


The silk will be unfurled and Down the Street Gallery will sparkle when artists, Helen Tennent and Patricia Allebrand, take center stage at their Sept. 7 reception.

Tennent is a silk painter and creates pottery. Allebrand sculpts contemporary jewelry in silver, set with large gemstones and crystals.


Helen Tennent, will demonstrate her artistry on silk for the public at the Sept. 7 reception, at Down the Street Art Gallery, Payson.

"I will be painting on a 24-by-36-inch silk -- the biggest I have ever done," Tennent said of her upcoming demonstration. Art patrons will be able to ask her about the special dyes she uses to paint and the texture and weave of different types of silk fabrics effect technique.

"The sheen of silk vibrates; you can't get that on canvas," Tennent said.

The gallery features her vibrant landscapes and bold-colored florals. It also features her pottery.

Tennent has been professionally creating pottery and sculpting clay for more than four decades.

Currently her passion is using crystalline glazes on her pottery.

She fires her porcelain pottery at an extremely high temperature, then, during the four-hour cooling stage, the crystals in the matrix of the molten glaze grow as they cool.

She generally works in green, blue, pink and gold glazes.

"I have a renewed interest in glaze. I did a lot of it when I was at the co-op in New Mexico, 20 years ago," she said.

Tennent is proof that age has little to do with spirit and energy, Tennent is always game to try new techniques in her art.

One of Patricia Allebrand's newest pieces of jewelry features a teardrop amethyst about two inches long.


Patricia Allebrand does not create sculptures for city squares any more -- her contemporary sculptures are made to adorn the human form.

"It is the most beautiful stone I have seen, thick and rich -- look at the way the purple reflects the light," Allebrand said.

Allebrand has an eye for unusual gems and attends shows regularly to find them -- a quartz crystal that was treated with gold that turned it blue caught her attention, as did a crystal formation of vanadinite.

"Jewelry is a sculpture that is more intimately involved with the people that buy it," Allebrand said.

She creates the designs and molds for all of her geometric, yet feminine, miniature sculptures. Some necklaces and bracelets she will change the look of, by placing a different stone in the setting.

About 25 percent of Allebrand's jewelry pieces are completely one-of-a-kind, made exclusively for a particular stone.

Allebrand and Tennent will be at the reception from 5 to 8 p.m., Friday, Sept. 7.

"I love receptions. I'm a ham," Tennent said.

Both women have been with, what founder Minette Richardson calls an out-of-the-box art experience, since the beginning.

"The house itself is unique and strangely enough, even the abstract, non-objective paintings we have at the gallery are complemented by this house. It is a nice old building and we are lucky to have it," Allebrand said.

Down the Street is a cooperative gallery, so the artists spend time as docents each month.

Art patrons who miss them Sept. 7 can find Tennent in residence Sept. 12, 16 and 26. Allebrand will be at the gallery Sept. 10, 18 and 30.

Down the Street Gallery is located at 703 W. Main St., Payson. Phone is (928) 468-6129.

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