Taking Puppy Out Of Harm's Way Was A Good Thing



Mr. Thompson, I highly commend you for taking that puppy out of harm's way. I would most certainly have done the same thing. If I was arrested for ‘stealing' ... well, so be it. I couldn't live with myself if I saw such abuse to an innocent creature and simply walked away from it. Aren't we supposed to help and protect the weak and helpless?

Several years ago, the same thing happened to me.

I witnessed extreme animal abuse. I called Payson Police Department, filed a complaint, and had affidavits from others who had also witnessed abuse by this same person. Absolutely nothing was done, despite the numerous phones calls and visits to the PPD that I made over a period of several weeks.

The officer who responded to the call said the dog seemed to be very loving to its owner. This was in the report, despite the fact that I had actually seen the dog being kicked and punched! The PPD dropped the complaint and that was that. The Officer and the abuser knew each other, was this ‘good old boy' mentality at its worst?

Doesn't Arizona have animal abuse laws? Where does animal control hide while this sort of thing is going on? Mr. Thompson, if this has happened to you and it has happened to me, how many other people in Payson have witnessed the same thing?

Just how many times does the PPD look the other way while animals are being abused and tortured to the point of death? Sheriff Joe ... where are you?

Cherry Marrone

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