Humane Society Needs New Shelter



Most of us have favorite charities that we faithfully support, always hoping that the money we send will truly be used for what is needed. Our Humane shelter here is desperately in need of a new shelter and many in Payson donate faithfully to keep it running.

The paid personnel, as well as volunteers, are great lovers of these animals and within a few days of the arrival of these animals, they are called by name and treated with kindness and care. Some dogs and cats have been there for months waiting for an adoption.

Being a volunteer for the dogs in the play yard, I see the troubled looks of the new dogs wondering why they are here. Where are the families that they have been used to, they seem to say. The older dogs, especially, seem to be confused about this.

I hope the animal lovers in our town, plus those who really believe in giving to a charity, will dig down and give to the building fund. When the building has been put up, you will have tangible proof of where your donation went. Not always so with charities throughout the country. I wish this issue would be considered by our council members. The shelter needs help. Think about this, won't you?

Carol Steyaert

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