Say No To Eminent Domain On Main Street



On my father's deathbed, he warned me of the perils of "Eminent Domain."

As a young man, I did not understand what he was saying; now I do.

I haven't yet had a need for a self-storage facility, never visited the NAPA auto parts store.

Once, I stopped at the Chris Smith Investment office for road directions. Maybe one day I will have a need for all of their services.

We have been led to believe that we have the right of private property. Such is not the case with "Eminent Domain." Private property can be appropriated at market value for "blighted" conditions. Where is the blight? Could it be the jail? Why not move it to a "truly blighted area" and rejuvenate!

For a 1/2 of one percent additional sales tax increase or an assessed bond issue, we of the Rim Country will be on the hook to pay. I would Vote NO! There are alternatives!

How is it that we see architectural drawings and plans for the proposed facilities from a Gila County representative during the Rodeo Parade, almost as a fait accompli -- Who has agreed to this? By the way, that same representative has trivialized the impact of a 1/2 percent sales tax increase. What is failed to mention is that this is in addition to the current sales tax rate. Sales taxes are regressive in that those who have the least disposable income are burdened with a bigger slice of their Social Security/take-home pay!

I'm reminded of Randy Bailey's shop in Mesa who said "No" to "Eminent Domain" and won a landmark ruling in the Arizona Court of Appeals against the attempt to take his property.

John G. Wakelin

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