Spelling Bee 2008 Fee Will Be Reimbursed


Earlier this month, information regarding the "2008 Spelling Bee" was released from Bobbie O'Boyle, the state spelling bee coordinator and executive director of the Arizona Education Foundation. That information stressed the fact that all final participants must now pay a $99 fee and be enrolled in the National Spelling Bee, as a condition of participating in an "official" local spelling bee and participating in the county, state and national spelling bees.

"Although there are a number of online benefits for participants, such as the "Official Spelling Bee study guide from Merriam-Webster" and features to assist the spellers, I understand the new fee may be problematic for some," said Linda O'Dell, Gila County Superintendent of Schools.

"It is my desire to support all eligible Gila County participants in continued participation in spelling bee activities. Please be advised that, although each participant must register and pay the required fee, my office will reimburse Gila County School Districts and home-schooled participants or home-schooled groups upon submission of an invoice for the $99 registration fee," O'Dell said.

The deadline to enroll for participation in the National Spelling Bee is Oct. 15, 2007. Please enroll through the official Web site: www.spellingbee.com.

For additional information on this topic or about submitting an invoice for reimbursement, please contact Julie Vasquez at (928) 425-3231, ext. 8783.

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