Good Luck, Fred Carpenter


As everyone surely knows by now, Fred Carpenter has resigned. His last day as town manager of Payson is Sept. 28.

What fewer people may know is Carpenter's positive impact on the town.

In his five-plus years of service, Carpenter has provided support and lent a hand in several important projects for the town.

His influence on developing media within the town was huge. In the time that Carpenter has been town manager, the town has taken over the local public access channel as well as implemented an E-Gov feature on the town's Web site, which enables users easier access to official town matters.

Carpenter has always opined in favor of the development of the event center. While the process has been slow, the ball is starting to roll. Without his consistent vocal support and urging, who knows where the project may currently be.

Street improvements had been neglected until Carpenter's arrival. Whether he directly affected many street improvements, which have recently been completed or are in line for undertaking, is unknown, but Carpenter has always been outspoken about his belief that streets and roads needed work.

In addition to his service and breadth of knowledge, Carpenter's upbeat attitude, professionalism and slightly off-kilter sense of humor will be greatly missed.

His parting words at the last council meeting urged the council to support the growth and improvement of the event center and the Blue Ridge water project. He also asked the community to support the council.

Even in his farewell address, Carpenter had the town's best interests at heart -- a characteristic we've come to expect from him.

We wish him luck in his next adventure, whatever it may be.

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