Even The Rain Didn't Miss The Flatlander Party



Tuesday night around 50 Christopher Creek residents headed for Creekside's empty lot next to the restaurant for the 29th Annual Flatlanders Party, loaded up with chairs, coolers and their favorite potluck to share. Can you believe this Party has been going on for 29 years?

The rain didn't stop this party, a little came down through the evening, but it was a really nice night for a celebration.

Every year, it seems to rain for this function, but it does not stop residents from coming out and celebrating.

For 29 years, the residents have celebrated the end of summer on the second Tuesday of September. After Labor Day, it quiets down and the residents that have to work hard through the summer months get a little reprieve.

The head cook for this event was Clyde Miller, serving up some very tasty bratwurst. The DJ for the evening was John Marksberry.

He does a good job in keeping the evening fun. Creekside donated their property for this event, along with some funds for the food and Gary Werlinger, new owner of the Landmark, donated the picnic tables and some beverages for the locals to enjoy. Jay Fitzgibbons donated the wood for the bonfire.

This community effort turned out really nice with fun music and even lights hung by John Marksbury for some nice atmosphere.

Lots of stories were told and a toast by Rodney Britain to those we lost this last year. Glasses were raised for Shelly Hansen, John Willinglem and Don Anderson.

Rod remembered Don Anderson's favorite saying "All you guys with two arms are all alike," everyone laughed, for Don was a neat guy. For those of you who did not know Don, he had a great sense of humor and of course, Don only had one arm.

Every year at this celebration, residents remember those we have lost over the years and how much fun they had at the Flatlanders Party in the past.

As you sit by the fire and think back of the Flatlander Parties over the years, you can remember those we lost and the fun they used to bring to the parties. Floyd and Lois Wilson, Carl and Betty Palmquest, Heber White, Bob Shields and many more.

Sitting by the fire, you can see these people and remember their laughs and the fun they brought to the evening. Many have moved away and were missed Tuesday evening: Bob and Sam Conklin, Keith and Sally Tharp, Dean Shields, Don Pennington, Charles and Wilene Byrne, Candy Hart, Al and Dolores Dale and many more.

As time goes on, more will pass on and more will move on, but we will also gain newcomers to the community and they will bring along their good times, and always remember those we lost and those who moved on.

Creekside's Oktoberfest

The First Oktoberfest is coming to Creekside Steakhouse 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 30.

Owners Wolfgang and Jean Klein and Gene and Thelma Bettencourt invite all of you to join them for some fun and good food.

John Marksbury added another candle to his cake on Sept. 11. There was a cake and candles to blow out at the Flatlander's Party.

Clayton Ashby will be celebrating his birthday on Sept. 21.

I am not sure just how old Clayton is going to be, but someone told me he was older than dirt! Hey Clay, that's pretty old. Just kidding, we love you.

Happy birthday to the two of you and may you have many more.

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