Hail, Rain Leaves Car Dents, Visibility Was Almost Zero



On Tuesday afternoon, the area was hit by a hail and rainstorm.

The hail was coming down so fierce that I thought that my car was going to have a few dents in it or a window was going to be shattered. I was coming back to Tonto Village from Payson when the storm hit.


Jacob Namm, 11 years old, and in sixth grade, won the school flag competition at Shelby School in Tonto Village recently. Jacob won $100 for his original design and that design will become the official school flag. Jacob is the son of Sherrie and Wendell Namm of Kohl's Ranch.

At one point along Highway 260, I had to pull off the road. Visibility was almost zero from the hail and rain and the steam coming up from the highway. Many of the motorists also pulled off to the side of the road until the rain let up a bit.

When I reached Tonto Village, there was no hail, just some rain. That was strange to me, but I guess that the hail was concentrated in a small area along Highway 260.

Tonto Village Fire District

Two very important meetings will be held this coming week.

The first one is the monthly Tonto Village Fire Board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 18. The meeting will be held at Station #61 in Tonto Village.

The meeting will start at 6 p.m. Discussion will include a possible resolution on the implementation of the Interface Grant and the impact on the homeowners and how all the clearing of properties will be handled.

The next important meeting will be on Sept. 20 at the Diamond Star Fire Department in Star Valley at the fire house. The agenda will include a long-term plan for the Tonto Village Fire District and a possible merger with the Diamond Star Fire Department.

Chief Gary Hatch will present the plans to the public and the Tonto Village Fire Board. The meeting will start at 6 p.m. Both of these meetings are open to the public and all interested people are urged to attend. These issues concern your future and you should have input in the discussions.

One More Meeting

On Saturday, Sept. 22, Tommie Martin will be at the Tonto Village Chapel to discuss the possible jail bond issue and hopefully some other concerns that the village has.

Tommie will be at the Chapel at 10 a.m. Villagers are urged to attend this meeting since this will be money that Gila County will need to either renovate or construct a new jail. This money is our tax dollars so you should have a say as to how your money is being spent.


Elaine Tetzke of Tonto Village III will celebrate her big day on Sept. 19. On Sept. 23, Gloria Alliger will add another candle to her birthday cake. Gloria is a Tonto Village Fire Board member and Gloria also works for the Payson Ranger station.

May love, laughter, and contentment decorate your day and fill your year. Happy birthday to the both of you.

Pool results

The Double D Saloon and Cafe was hopping Tuesday evening with gals who were anxious to win the nine-ball competition.

A newcomer took the top honors. Jessica Bayer of Kohl's Ranch shot for first place. Second and third place was Susie Shill of Tonto Village III and Patty Boeschling of Christopher Creek.

Sunday afternoon at the Double D, the eight-ball players took to the green felt tables. Let it be said that Cliff Landrum will not let an injured finger keep him from taking top honors for long.

Harvey Poyner and Joe Ferriera shot for second and third place. Congratulations to all the winners.

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