It Is Important For Everyone To Recycle


Ignorance is no longer an option in the battle for Mother Earth.

Public awareness is at an all-time high regarding recycling and environmentally friendly processes and products, thanks to those who have taken up the cause.

Being environmentally conscious is finally popular -- as it should be.

We know the price the environment pays for our existence, perhaps better than ever.

When we consider some recycling facts -- one tree can filter up to 60 pounds of pollutants from the air each year; one ton of recycled paper saves about 3,700 pounds of lumber and 24,000 gallons of water; a glass bottle takes about 1,000,000 years to fully decompose -- there is no longer an excuse not to do our part.

While past recycling efforts haven't always gone without a hitch, it is no reason to stop trying.

Payson is on the verge of trying to improve its recycling program, thanks to the efforts of the Recycling Task Force.

The task force, led by Christine Harrison, has solicited the support of the county, who is to provide a new recycling transport truck for the town -- free of charge.

The town will need to purchase new recycling bins for the effort, which will start with mixed paper and corrugated containers and will hopefully expand to other materials, such as plastics, if all goes well in the future.

We encourage the council and community to support this important endeavor.

Of the 1,100-plus surveys about recycling returned to the task force, nearly 85 percent of respondents said they recycle. We challenge those people to continue to lead the charge in making Payson more ecologically friendly.

Recycling is such a simple way to ease the footprints that our existence leaves on the environment.

Residents of the Rim Country are blessed to live surrounded by so much beauty. We owe it to ourselves, future generations and to all the wonderful creatures in the area to make recycling a priority.

The preservation of the productivity and purity of the Earth is a battle that can be won, if we all do our part.

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