Ladies Solved Dog Problem



I am not sure where or if you will want to put this in your paper but I think it could be helpful to many people in the community, especially dog owners. And if they have a problem pet, this could make a difference in their quality of life.

I had a problem pet, a Jack Russell terrier that has been aggressive to other dogs. Otherwise, a wonderful dog. The problem got so bad I began walking her with a muzzle over her mouth. While at the vet one day I saw a flier on the bulletin board about behavior class. I called and told them my problem. They said they felt sure they could help and gave me the information for the next scheduled class.

I have seen dog trainers on TV and thought how great it would be have them around to help. Well these ladies don't have a TV show, but they know what they are doing. And they are right here in Payson. I can't give them enough credit for the wonderful work they do. My dog and I were in class with several others, each having their own special problem. It was amazing the difference after the first lesson. The hardest thing to accept was that the dog didn't create the problem, I did.

Please don't give up on your dog. The Payson Humane Society already has a full house. If you don't have any bad problems with your dog, but just want to be able to walk it without being dragged down the street, I urge you to call them "Leader of The Pack;" Lori Chandler and Margie Mansell.

Kelly Gunderson and Trixie

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