Patronize Local Businesses



A recent column by Al Poskanzer stated that the additional sales tax being proposed for a new jail facility would cause him to go to Maricopa County to purchase a vehicle.Let's look at this.

The additional amount in Payson for a $25,000 purchase is $125.On his trip to the Valley, a person will expend approximately $30 in gasoline and another $10-20 on wear and tear to his current vehicle, if accomplished in one trip.The expended time is, at a minimum, six to eight hours, and includes at least one meal ($10-15 for one person).So now the savings realized is down to about $55.Say all is perfect and there is no "economic cost," being those things he cannot do because he is preoccupied with travel, etc. and the shopper may save about $50 when all is said and done.

f you amortize this savings over the life of the car (five years), he has saved himself about 85 cents a month for the five years.

No wonder businesses in Payson have such a difficult time.Be careful when you roam, there may be better values here at home.

Dennis Vernia

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