Take Pride In Strawberry Creek



I have lived in Strawberry for 33 years and in that time I have watched Strawberry Creek go from a beautiful creek to a good start at becoming a landfill. When telling Ira Gibel about trying to get a group to help me clean it up (without much luck), Ira said the group he belongs to (Take Pride) was looking for a project in Strawberry and would I give a presentation at the next meeting. I agreed, Take Pride agreed to do the project and within a short time Take Pride had a crew on the job. Not only did they clean the creek, they trimmed the trees, painted over the graffiti under the bridge and put up a wonderful split-rail fence with wire to keep the trash from blowing down in the creek. Take Pride also put a very nice walkway with a handrail down to a seating area.

Take Pride turned a run-down wash into what we call Strawberry Park.

We should be very thankful for the effort that was put into this project Good job, Take Pride and Thank You!

This took a lot of time, labor and money to put this project together.

If you would like to do something to help your community, I strongly recommend donating to this fine organization to allow them to keep doing great public work for Strawberry and Pine.

Joe and Jane Hock

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