Don't Understand Letter



I read Ken Volz's recent letter in the Roundup and simply did not get his rant. Let me explain.

He says "So far, from what I have read or heard fromhose in opposition to the improved public safety facilities ..." So, who are these people?

Certainly not our group, "Citizens for Fair Taxation," as we have repeatedly stated we support new county facilities but are opposed to the sales tax increase and the Main Street site. This is just a poor attempt at turning this into a public safety issue.
e goes on about the suggestion that the county consider an existing campus on East Main Street. Somehow he must have missed the article in the press that briefly discussed this.

That article made it clear that the existing campus may need modifications and that vacant property just west of the campus would need to be acquiredor 48-bedail. Gee, what aovel plan that the county seriously look at alternatives.

So, please in the future get the facts straight and name names when referring to groups that oppose your views.

Leon Keddington, Citizens for Fair Taxation, Chairman

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