Students Grapple With Career Path


For many high school students, finding a date or trying to decide what to wear ranks above deciding what to do in life.

The real world looms just around the corner for graduating high school seniors and choosing a career path can be one of the most daunting experiences a person goes through, regardless of age.


Nearly 500 Payson High School students took part in a Career Fair at the school Wednesday.

Payson High School students received help Wednesday at the Payson High School Career Fair.

Sophomore Kady Ward said the fair helped her choose a direction for the future.

"Most kids my age don't really consider choosing a career as very important," Ward said.

"But the career fair does kind of force us to see how important choosing a career early is."

Ward said it was nice to have so many representatives from so many career fields, side-by-side in the same building, to make it easier to ask questions and decide what she might want to do with her life.

Around 40 representatives in the fields of law enforcement, medicine, journalism, broadcasting, education and firefighting, just to name a few, were on hand at the fair to offer students advice and guidance on choosing a career path.

Skye McNeeley said she wants to go into the field of radiology and train to be a trauma flight nurse.

"It's really great (the fair) because there are so many [careers] we can choose from and it's all right here," McNeeley said.

Brittany Stanley, a 16-year-old senior at Payson High School, also browsed booths at the fair.

Stanley will be graduating from high school early and wants to go into photography and journalism.

She has been researching where she can go to get the education she wants.

She said having the career fair at the high school made it easier to get the information she needed because it was right there at her fingertips.

The fair was held in the gymnasium at the high school Wednesday morning and was attended by approximately 500 sophomores, juniors and seniors.

"I don't include freshmen in the career fair because they have more than enough on their minds, with it being their first year in high school," Sandy Somsen, Navit Career Tech with Payson High School said.

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