Thanks For Filling Your Bellies With Us



As the summer season comes to a close, we, the Pine Strawberry Firefighters Association, would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people that came out and had breakfast with us. The local support is just overwhelming, the vendors and visitors are always a joy to meet. The smiling faces that happen on both sides of the tables are refreshing. From the firefighters, family members, Strawberry Elites, and business owners behind the griddles, tables, and in the kitchen. To the families, big and small, young or seasoned, standing in line, waiting on their sausage and fresh hot cakes. For the little ones, by special request, you can even get them in the shape of Mickey Mouse. How fun is that?

Our all-you-can-eat breakfasts would not be possible without the support of some other local organizations. Even with buying in bulk, the discounts we receive are greatly appreciated. Many thanks go out to Safeway of Payson, and The Ponderosa Market of Pine, Todd's Designs of Pine, and Summit Screenprinting and Embroidery of Payson. We would also like to thank the Strawberry Elites, our partners in this venture, we couldn't handle these without all of you. As for next year, we are buying new griddles for flipping those flapjacks. We would like to thank Home Depot for the efforts they are already making in helping us find the right ones.

We'll see ya all Memorial weekend 2008!!

Stacy Figueroa, President, Pine-Strawberry Firefighters Association

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