You Are Just A Blink Away



The recent vote to install photo cameras on Highway 260 to control speeding really bothers me. I believe we shouldn't speed and we should abide by the speed limits -- but we also need to have consistent speed limit.

You start at the Beeline at 35 mph, then go to 45 mph going up 260 -- this is about 2-3 miles, then at the Star Valley city limits, starts 55 mph for approximately 3-4 miles, then you're back down to 45 mph for about 2-3 miles, and then it changes again, going up the hill on 260. Boy, you feel like a yo-yo. These cameras are to increase revenue, right? You people on fixed incomes, are all of you going to be able to pay the fines?

Signals at the beginning of the 55 mph zone and ending at the beginning of the 45 mph zone going up the hill would keep most people in the right speed limit.

I believe also you should go to the manufacturers of all these cars that have high horsepower, which most do -- and have them decrease this. Let them lose the money.

If you believe that, I will sell you a bridge.

Cameras on the highway -- Big Brother methods -- we could go live in the Middle East, Russia, or any other controlled country; that is what is happening because of the terrorists. It's power and money.

You don't want to bring progress into Payson and Star Valley -- new business -- but you'll put cameras up. There's plenty of empty businesses around -- Why! Not enough money, so you will make it other ways? "Cameras"

You need to educate our children about driving safely before they get a license -- up the age to 18 -- More drug programs and alcohol programs before you can get a license.

The illegals can grow "pot"

You can have met problems but it is more important to put cameras up for speeding. Put your money on more important problems.

Just remember, people, you're just a "blink" away. I hope you're smiling.

A concerned American,

Patricia Ihle

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