You Can't Legislate To Idiot-Proof The State



With all due respect to Mr. Goddard (I do remember the accident), this solution is right in line with today's way of doing business.

The issue with the intersection in question i.e.; the Beeline/Bush Highways is not a "dangerous intersection. Nor does it warrant dumping $18.2 million on the problem. The problem exists with today's society, our inability to be patient and attentive when we drive, alcohol, and the surrounding recreation areas. We have become a society who wants things now, now, now!

I traverse the Beeline between Tonto Basin and Tempe every single workday. People have passed me in excess of 90 to 100 miles per hour. I am a professional truck driver and pride myself on being just that, a professional driver. One who is 100 percent attentive to the task at hand. Would you like your heart surgeon to be distracted by a cell phone call or applying makeup while performing a delicate procedure on your heart? I think not.

While the intersection is a busy one, the problem will not be rectified by dumping millions of taxpayer dollars at it. People will still have to merge onto the Beeline from the on-ramp of the bridge.

They will still be drunk just going from the lake because the beer there is too expensive or they ran out of smokes. They will still be distracted by a call on the cell phone, which just can't wait. Or too busy with that all-important O.J. Simpson book to look where they are going or who just merged in front of them.

There are accidents there -- there are accidents everywhere. Let's just bridge the whole state and keep wasting my money.

Come on people wake up, you can't legislate to idiot-proof the state. Let's just stop. As they say, stuff happens. Put down the book, makeup, cell phone and please don't drink and drive.

To Mr. Goddard, I am sorry for your loss! Thank you for your time!

John Carter, Tonto Basin

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