New Justice Facility Is Good For Town


I'm sure that people reading this letter will see my name and pick up on the fact that I am related to one of the Gila County justice facility committee members. But what they don't know is that I argued against the sales tax idea and proposed location, until I understood the implications and facts.

First, it is my understanding that the tax and bond ballot issues for the county justice facility (jail, courts) is not married to theesign. At this time, it is a concept.

Second, maybe you all shouldocus on the fact that the financing is needed and will be obtained whether or not the facility is built at Main and 87. The county will get its money from somewhere. Either as a sales tax hike or from our primary property taxes, without a vote.

Personally, I'd rather spread the cost around and not use property taxes. Please do your homework and then vote accordingly.
Nancy Volz

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