Time To Vote Against Taking Property



Thank you to the general manager of Chapman Auto Center for bringing sanity to an insane situation.

The Rim Country Chamber of Commerce, by taking their position, has made a de facto acceptance of the process of "Eminent Domain" and the taking of private property. What business could be next? Be careful what you wish for!

One prominent realtor has clarified his answer to the question posed; "...how you feel about the taking of people's property?" "...it's disquieting.. .unsettling. ..But it's reality."

That same person goes on to say, "the entire process...within the framework of the United States Constitution." With all due respect, while willing to stand corrected, the Constitution makes no mention of "Eminent Domain." The Declaration of Independence states: "For imposing Taxes on us without our consent."

Time to vote "No!"

John G. Wakelin

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