Movie Review: Mr. Bean's Holiday

TV show was good, movie is not


Troy Wayland, teen reviewer

"Mr. Bean's Holiday" is set in the beautiful month of June in the wondrous French countryside.

Enter Mr. Bean, a man who can quickly make any simple situation complex.

Rowan Atkinson created the comic Mr. Bean character. He has played him since 1990.

I enjoyed Mr. Bean's antics in his TV specials, so I had imagined I would see this movie and laugh thunderously.

Instead, I had to read subtitles.

There were only two scenes in the movie where I was inclined to giggle.

One was when Mr. Bean was hitchhiking on the way to the Cannes Film Festival and there is no one on the road, except a giant man on a gas-powered bike, driving roughly 5 mph. He stops, lets Mr. Bean on and then gets off to fix the bike. Mr. Bean peddles on the gas and speeds off, trying to out-scoot the giant guy. Then the giant guy walks right beside the bike. He pushes Mr. Bean off and peddles away.

Mr. Bean is waiting for a drawing. The announcer calls the number 919. Bean thinks he has ticket 616 because he has dropped the ticket. He soon realizes that it was upside-down, so he gets his ticket and gets his prize.

Throughout "Mr. Bean's Holiday," Bean is aided by Stephan, a young boy played by Max Baldry. They go though the movie fighting and wading through various blockades of everyday obstacles.

The upside to the movie was Emma de Caunes, the beautiful female actress that played Sabine, Mr. Bean's "Savior."

I personally would not want to help Mr. Bean, but I probably would want to be in Mr. Bean's spot through the scenes with Sabine.

I enjoyed Mr. Bean's TV series more than this movie.

If you are easily entertained, and I mean easily, then you probably would enjoy this movie. Other than that, don't even think about it.

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