Longtime Rim Country Residents Remember It As Mag's Ham Bun


Spurs hang from the ceiling, antique handguns are displayed in cases on the wall, and the atmosphere is like an old-time saloon.

That's what you will encounter when entering The Buffalo Bar and Grill, owned and operated by Mike and Cindy McCannon seven days a week.

Mag's Ham Bun used to occupy the building at 311 S. Beeline Highway, now called The Buffalo Bar and Grill.

"During the week, I would say we're a pretty typical family style place," McCannon said. "But at night and on the weekends, things get busy."

McCannon said they had to invest some money into remodeling before they could re-open under the new name.

"We had to replace the carpet because it was really old and smelly," Cindy McCannon said. "And we put in all new bathrooms, added a stage for bands to perform and put in the patio to accommodate the new smoking ordnance and painted the place."

"All-in-all, we put about $20,000 into repairs and renovations.

Mag's Ham Bun occupied the site for many years, beginning in the late 1960s. It changed hands and names a few times until the McCannons bought it Dec. 15, 2006.

Aside from new carpet, moving the pool table to the back of the main bar and adding a stage for bands to use on nights when there is live music, the bar and grill looks much as it did during its Mag's Ham Bun days.

As with everything, inflation has made prices go up since the 1960s.

When it was Mag's, a beer only cost about 75 cents. Now a beer will run you around $1.50.

"You can still come in and get a good lunch, like our pulled pork barbecue sandwich, which is a real favorite with our customers, for around eight bucks," McCannon said.

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