Many Positives Derived From Bicycling



First off, I do somewhat agree that there needs to be more bicycle safety. But if the kids who ride bikes had some place to go, they wouldn't be on the streets and would more likely be in an actual bike park learning something new and getting more physically activity.

A while back, bikers would be thrown out of the skate park. Finally the city stated that bikers would be allowed in the park. Which means they somewhat agreed with the students in saying they need a place to go.

People place the blame on us bikers. I hear people say all the time how we are in the way. And that all we do is get into trouble. That is not the case.

Labels today are getting ridiculous. Just because someone gets into trouble and they happen to ride a bike, they automatically assume that each and every student or young adult who rides a bike is a bad kid. I was reading this article and it stated, "I was northbound on the Beeline and stopped at the red light on Forest to make a right turn. No cars were coming from the west, so I proceeded to make a right turn." Right there is the problem. Today's society is so obsessive with driving.

It's like it's against the law of mankind to ride a bike. Nowhere did that person say they looked for any pedestrians or anyone on some sort of other transportation.

I believe that riding bikes is great for students these days especially with the way obesity is taking over our population.

They are receiving more physical activity than just sitting in a seat using their big toe to push a pedal down and using their hands to turn the wheel.

People in our town need to be proud of the way our students travel, whether it be skateboarding, roller-blading, or riding a bike. It's awesome to see students want to be so engaged in a physical activity.

But on the other hand, I do agree that people should not ride bicycles with their dogs on a leash. Or be involved with such a dangerous act.

As a student teacher in the Payson High School Lil' Longhorns Preschool Program last year, I learned a lot about kids. Helping them get engaged in activities involving transportation was fantastic. I even asked the administration office at the school if I was allowed to teach a lesson on bicycle and skateboard safety. But by the time everything got sorted out, it came down to not enough time in our class hour to teach the lesson desired. But I do believe that students should be more focused on safety.

I go to the skate park here in Payson often and see little kids wearing helmets, because either they are made to or want to. I believe that the older kids should help set an example for the children in our town and stand up and wear the protection, too.

Maybe having a bike park with set safety rules wouldn't be such a bad idea. It would contain the bikers on the streets and let them have a fun place to go and interact with new people, and gain mental and physical strength in the activity to maybe set dreams to go further in their life.

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