Square Dancers Still Looking For A Place To Dance



The Zane Grey Twirlers Square Dance Club is still looking for a place to dance.

The schools have turned us down because they say we are hard on the floors. Who is harder ... kids with athletic shoes that bring in granite stones or dancers who wear smooth-bottom shoes?

In the past, our club has had to clean a floor in preparation for our dances and we generally leave a place cleaner than we found it.

The school board is considering what to do with the historical building at Julia Randall. It would be ideal for dancing, as well as give the community a space for such things as Tai Chi classes,iwanis meetings, and a host of other things.

I suggest we keep the building as historically accurate as possible, not turn it into administrative offices that benefits only a few individuals.

Make it available to the community as a thank you for all those Credits for Kids your adult population is donating.

Ronda Caldwell

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