Lionesses Savor The Fashionably Sweet Smell Of Public Service


As the sweet aroma of candy and cookies fills the air, the Lioness ladies prepare for another fund-raiser.

The excitement builds as the women head off to their designated spot for the bake sale, the profits of which will "benefit the community," said Pam Padilla, president of the Lioness Club of Payson (LCOP).


The Lioness Club's annual cookie sale is one of the group's most popular fund-raising events.

The club donates the funds to various Payson programs and organizations such as schools, libraries, Tonto Search and Rescue, RTA Hospice, Rim Country Literacy, Lions Sight and Hearing, Payson Community Kids and Camp Sunrise for children with cancer.

The all-woman Payson Lioness Club is an offshoot of the Payson Lions Club. Founded in 1980, the Lioness Club is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to "help the community," said Viola Robertson, membership coordinator.

All of the proceeds come from the club's fund-raising events: these include candy, cookie sales, book sales, salad luncheons and fashion shows.

Not only financial donators, the Lionesses give a helping hand in food preparation and service to Boy Scouts and disabled children's campsites and also participate in cleaning up the highways.

The Lionesses meet every third Tuesday of the month at 11a.m. at Crosswinds Restaurant, 800 W. Airport Road.

The membership fee is $12 a year. For information on volunteer or membership opportunities, contact Viola Robertson (928) 474-2862. For donations, contact Deanne Goebel (928) 474-6926.

Lioness Club of Payson

Founded: 1980

Mission: To serve the community and raise money for worthy organizations through direct donations and fundraising events.

Officers: President Pam Padilla, Vice President Phyllis Halvorsen, Secretary Gail Brown, Treasurer Deanne Goebel, Corresponding Secretary Joyce Keddington.

To donate: Deanne Goebel, 474-6926

To join or volunteer: Viola Robertson, 474-2862.

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