Movie Makes You Feel Good Through And Through


"Drillbit Taylor" has to be one of the funniest movies I have seen this year.

It is like "Superbad" with morals.

It was a movie that made you feel good through and through.

Even during the sadder parts, of which there were very few, I was still smiling because they were not very depressing and sort of let on that it would turn out alright.

Wade (Nate Hartley), Ryan (Troy Gentile) and Emmit (David Dorfman) are all stoked for their first day of school.

Ryan is a fat kid, Wade is tall and skinny and Emmit looks like something in between Golem and a hobbit. As you can imagine, they are prime targets for bullying as soon as they walk in the door.

After a clothing mishap, Ryan and Wade arrive at school where they see Emmit being picked up and shoved into a locker by the school bully Filkins (Alex Frost).

Wade and Ryan decide to speak up to Filkins, which embarrassingly backfires and qualifies them, along with Emmit, as Filkins' new bullying targets for the year.

The torment is relentless and after a few days of it, Wade decides something must be done.

He puts an ad in a Soldier of Fortune magazine and after numerous interviews, finally settles for former U.S. Army Ranger and, he claims, three-time vice presidential bodyguard, Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson) who happens to be homeless.

Over a period of weeks, Drillbit trains the boys to be able to fight back and resist their oppressors.

Throughout these weeks of training, Drillbit is forced to own up to some of his own shortcomings (he hates confrontation and he leans toward being a compulsive liar) and, toward the end, overcome them.

I really enjoyed the small subplots within the movie such as how Wade goes about getting his crush to like him, or the new girlfriend that Drillbit acquires while posing as a substitute teacher at the boys' school and how he goes about trying to let her know he isn't actually Dr. Illbit, but a homeless veteran.

I don't believe that "Drillbit Taylor" is one of those movies that tried to get you to learn something. It was a movie that made you feel good; it was about cheering on the good guys and laughing a lot, and it did its job well.

I give "Drillbit Taylor" four stars.

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