Breast Cancer Support A Winner



Saturday night, March 29, was a triumph for local Breast Cancer Support as funds were raised from a Special Event Dinner put on by the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee at the new Oxbow Inn. A special thank you to Brian Mortensen and Vince Rader of the Oxbow for all the assistance they provided the committee to help put on this event. Thank you to all of those 180 people that came out to show their support for such a great cause.

The money raised should help the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee double their contribution to local Breast Cancer Support groups that help people in Rim Country with their needs. The many people listed below helped make this event possible and we thank them for all their help:

Payson Jewelers, Chaparral Pines Golf Club, Gerardo's Italian Bistro, Corral West Ranchwear, Emily Hill, Lucy and Larry Briggs, Bootleg Alley Antiques, and Star Ranch Marketing for great door prizes -- Junction 87, Silver Star, Brandon Sheppard and Crooner's Unlimited as well as several others for the entertainment.

The crew that worked the bar and served, plus those who cooked the great steaks as well as the workers doing construction at the Oxbow Inn that made sure everything was ready for the crowd. We cannot forget to thank the Sheriff's Posse and others that provided security to keep everyone safe and legal.

I know that we missed someone out there that participated in making this event a success and we apologize for that oversight. One last thing, if you run into anyone who attended you will hear that this was one of the best and most fun evenings that Payson has seen and how good they feel about helping such a good cause. Thanks again to everyone and we will see you at the May Rodeo --May 16 and 17.

John Landino

Payson Pro Rodeo Committee

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